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"Slightly" bent tuner

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The B string tuner on my '81 Deluxe has a very slight bend in the shaft. Doesn't affect function at all, but I'm picky. Besides replacing it, any suggestions?

I TOOK THE 3 on a plate tuners and put them in my vice and straightened them out really nice.If you use pliers then make sure you pad them with something so you don't scratch or nick the shaft.I was so scared I was gonna break them ,that I almost didn't do it.You wanna straighten it out with the least amount of rebending it takes to correct the bend .If it's a single tuner and you can't mount it in a vice then mount it to a piece of wood instead of trying to straighten out the shafts while the tuner is on the guitar.I can't say enough about thinking the whole process through.Hopefully one reverse motion and it's fixed.Good luck ,let us know how it turns out.

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