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post-86482-011631700 1501254987_thumb.jpgI'm thinking of selling my SG. Likely a 66 to 68? I bought it used in 1968. It had the serial number scratched out, but I still have a few friends from that time that could confirm when I got it.

Everyone has an opinion on carved up guitars. Work of art, or defaced legacy? A friend and I did this with a dentist's drill. He drew it up one night, and we carved it the next day. I think of it as an interesting example of 60's psychedelic art.

The guitar is in good shape. The neck is straight, and I've always sent it back to Gibson for re-fretting and a tune up. It may need new pots, or a cleaning. And a pick guard? I added an extra volume control (I ran the wires up the channel for the pickup). I have the missing knob. The only other change was adding Grover tuners, when I bought it, and the knurled knobs. I never liked the original ones.

I don't play much anymore, and this guitar deserves a better home. It's too valuable to just sit in a closet. (I'll probably replace it with a cheap Epi or Gretsch LP, for when I do get the urge). But it's only valuable to someone who also sees it as art. I've always liked it, and it always got a good reception.

So I'm trying to gauge the value. Without writing a check to Gruhn - which would probably be the wrong place to appraise it...

If you like the look, good. Not your thing? You can say so - but don't be a jerk about it. I was 19. I never thought I'd still own the guitar 50 years later, or that old guitars would become valuable. And the places I've lived, with parties... and it never walked off! It was a $100 guitar - not the Mona Lisa! I had fun with it, and I'm proud of the look.

So what do you think it might be worth? Where should I try and sell it - where it would reach the artsy-musical crowd?

I've been threatening to sell it for the last 15 years. My wife tells me not to, and she's right. If I still played, I'd hold on to it. But I don't, and it needs to be back onstage, somewhere. It has no real provenance. Richie Haven's once played it in my kitchen. He was in my small town, a friend brought him by one rainy day. We got a whole concert out of it! But no photos.

So, thoughts?


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I can tell you this. If you send that guitar to lapidary dreams (I think that's their name). They will disassemble the guitar, sand down the etching, restain with original dyes, gloss it, clean it up, put on new pick guard. Pot it correctly to speck, put proper knobs on it. It will cost you about 1000$. You could then sell it for a price that is worth while. In it's present state, its not worth much at all.

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...it's only valuable to someone who also sees it as art.......So I'm trying to gauge the value....

This is your problem in a nutshell.


An all-original SG Junior from circa 1966 is worth around $1,400. A 'highly modified' one like yours - as a guitar - is worth perhaps 1/3 that value whereas if you sell it as 'Art' then you can name the asking price.


I'm sure it plays fine and sounds good but unfortunately it's not really that collectable as a 'playing' instrument.


Good luck with your decision.



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I have a vintage Gibson SG cherry and I’m not sure of the year but I have a serial number if you could give me some information. It is in great shape with standard we are markings. The serial number is 23 8273. Thank you for your reply I’m curious what it’s value might be in good shape in with the year is

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