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Thank you RichCI


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I was playing thru my B-52 tonight, something I rarely do anymore, and remembered this post:




I decided to really lower my pups down almost to the rings. Man, what a difference! I didn't think they were high before, but now they're low. The 498T is now much more mellow on the clean setting but still has plenty of bite if I play the strings hard. With some medium gain, I find it is more of a raunchy sound, but not as harsh as before. I don't notice too much difference on high gain but pinch harmonics seem to come much easier and sound sweeter, plus there isn't as much extraneous noise.


The neck pup isn't as dramatic a difference either, but it is a little smoother and sweeter, plus sustain is greatly improved without the magnets sucking on the strings.


Thanks again for the good idea. [-X

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