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L-100 Gibson Nick Lucas Maple Back and Sides


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I just recently took delivery of a maple century of progress (same body as the nick) ... Only positive thing to say about it.



Very clear and nice balance.

Classic quick maple decay which suites my playing very nicely

The Red spruce has a nice "bounce to it"

This body style in maple can be intimate or a full Orchestra if you need it to be.







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I do own an early 1930s Kay Kraft "Nick Lucas" with a maple body. Same body specs as the Gibson up to and including the 2 5/16" string spread at the bridge (wider nut though with the sexy Kay Kraft asymmetrical MOTS headstock). Comes off as a Lucas with a bit of attitude. But Rambler speaketh the truth. I know more than a few people who much prefer a mahogany body NL over the maple.

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