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1964 Gibson Southern Jumbo clip


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It is not the sound of these guitars. It is the gawd awful skinny necks that makes me keep them at arm's length.


1965 seems to be around when they went to that. Mine is a '64 to the best of my guesswork...196XXX or something like that. It has the 'normal' 1-11/16" nut. By contrast, I had a 1968 Dove that was unplayable because of the 1-9/16" nut.


I listened to the first clip, kinda. I have horrible speakers on my laptop. Sounded like he had brand new strings on. Very sparkly and chimey. Sorry, that doesn't do it for me. My SJ sounds better, the deader the string. I put nickel bronze on a year or so ago, left them on for 6 months, put a new set of 80/20 on....went and picked the NB's out of the trash and put them back on. I had put a set of Martin SP's on when they first came out...I think they were made by Cleartone at that time. They were on there for a couple years and still sounded think and harsh.


I like my strings to sparkle on all other guitars but this one. When I say I want 'the thud', I'm not kidding.



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