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The Academy Awards or Play Guitar?


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I do really get annoyed at all of the Racism, political and Sexual Harassment innuendo... They've made their point, get over it and move on... I'm not an advocate of any of the corruption, I'm just tired of hearing about. [thumbdn] it.


At this rate, I'll be an ardent fan of even the corruption in 6 months' time...


There will be an inevitable backlash, and it will be as unbecoming as the wave of today. It will bring out the worst in people. Politics are truly best applied in moderation.


I thought the PC thing in Europe was bad - or good, let's say extreme - but lately it's like the US is even more extreme. I've come to realize and appreciate the no-politics rule on here.


Everything's so polarized it's starting to make me nauseaous, more so than anything either "side" says.

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So, so bland. Gotta be at least sharp cheddar LOL. As always, YMMV.


I prefer Blue Cheese though.

Blue cheese crumbles on my potato.

Blue cheese crumbles in my salad.

Blue cheese, bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers.

Blue cheese hamburger.

Blue cheese and smoked oysters.

Blue cheese and bacon potato salad.

Blue cheese and crackers.

Blue cheese and wine.

Blue cheese and sausage.

Oh I can go on forever.

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