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It's new to me.


A 2004 Forrest River Surveyor Hybrid. The other guitar player in a band I'm in gave it to me! He's been paying storage on it for years and hasn't used it, so he just wanted someone to take it off his hands. It needs some tires, some leaks caulked and some other minor detailing, but will clean up nicely. I plan to have it road-worthy and tagged by Memorial Day Weekend, when me and the boys go to DelFest ( my wife calls it Sausage Fest msp_biggrin.gif). Maybe even take it to Lockn' Fest later this year?

I've never owned a camper before, so any advice is appreciated.

I haven't been able to get it into my driveway so for now it's in the street to p!ss off the neighbors. rolleyes.gif



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How many does it sleep?

Do you also use it for the gear?


It could easily sleep 6. The front and back ends fold out, kinda like a tent. I'm not using it to gig. We are going to a 4 day music festival at the end of May, and I plan to take it there. Last year we had tents and that gets a little uncomfortable. Hopefully my wife and I can get away for a weekend or two also.




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