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Zakk Wylde Z1 Prototype


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So a few days go, this popped up in my local music shop. As I understand it, only 2 of these were made for Zakk Wylde but for whatever reason this model didn't go into production.


I found a listing on Ebay for this ones' twin. Part of the description includes...


"The guitar has stereo outputs so it can be played in mono or stereo. It has a Shadow Nanomag pickup at the neck and a Shadow Nanoflex pickup under the saddle. The Semi-hollow body has a spruce top and mahogany chambered body. It has a maple neck and ebony fret board with mother-of-pearl inlays. The bridge is rosewood, and the tuners are gold Grovers. It has a 25" scale and the nut width is 1 11/16".


The one I picked up has the original truss rod cover, which the Ebay listing didn't have.


It actually has a good amount of weight to it. The neck shape reminds me of a Tele.


Time to go enjoy...







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Thanks for posting those photos and telling us what you know about the instrument. Fascinating. Something like a new take on the Chet Atkins SST, I suppose. What kinds of tones can you get from it?


Red 333


Here's quick video I did through my IPhone, doesn't sound the greatest. Played through an Acoustisonic amp with a little reverb.



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Didn't come with a case, and I'm not sure what is available that it would fit into reasonably well. A local music store got it through MIRC. I've emailed Gibson to see if they have some info on it, waiting to hear from them yet.



Very nice. May I ask what you had to pay to bring this beauty home? Did it come with a case? And how did your dealer get a hold of it?



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