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Hello from Stockholm!


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Hi, this is Abdullah from Stockholm!

I’ve been playing (badly) since 2001 when I picked up my first guitar at age 18, a banged up C.G.Winner copy of the B.C.Rich warlock at a small music shop in Baghdad, Iraq. (Bought for 100$, I sold my PlayStation to fund it! I still have it, its near-on unplayable and too expensive to fix for what’s it worth but it’s travelled so long and seen so much, so I keep it around)


I’ve owned and played many shapes and pickup variations from many makers, US, Korean, Chinese etc, since but only recently I finally discovered what I really like: thick wide necks, heavy, solid body electrics with humbuckers and a fixed bridge. In short: LP-type guitars!


My latest buy is an Epiphone ZW LP custom Bullseye from 2002, which is a big part of the reason why I’m here, I’d like to know more about this model, how early was it first made, etc.


Currently saving up for a custom shop LP in time for my 40th birthday :)

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Hi and welcome to the forum.


As far as I can make out the Epi ZW LPC Bullseye first came out in 2002 so you have a very early one.

Can't find the specs for that exact year's model but the early ones had passive EMGs and an unnamed species of wood was used for the fret-board (the later version had active EMG's and a rosewood 'board).


Here are a couple of links. The first is to a review of a 2003 example which will probably be very similar to your own. The second is the official Epi page for a slightly later version;






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