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Clearance Deals at AMS and Zzounds


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I got an email a couple of days ago about a new round of Gibson clearance deals at American Musical Supply so I checked Zzounds and saw that they had the deals happening too. The best deals are on the 2018 Gibson ES-330 in a few different colors as well as the ES-339. The ES-330s are going for $1,799 and the ES-339s are going for $1,999. I was able to get Zzounds to knock down a ES-330 in the Aquamarine finish to $1649 and throw in a free cable as well. Zzounds definitely seems to play nicer with customers than AMS.


Links are below for the sites:


AMS link for the ES-330:




AMS link for the ES-339:




Zzounds link for the ES-330:




Zzounds link for the ES-339:



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Why doesn't the Sunburst have Chrome Dogear Covers like the rest? And why no Bigsby? I'll pass...

Possibly for the sake of Historical Accuracy and a more 'vintage' look? When first introduced the ES 330 was (AFAIK) usually finished in Sunburst, had black plastic dogear covers and no Bigsby. The chrome covers came later. I have seen Bigsby-equipped vintage 330s but not as often as, say, on the 335/345/355 instruments.



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New ES-330 arrived from Zzounds today. This was supposed to be delivered on Saturday but they did the wrong shipping on it. Additionally all the case candy was missing, all the stuff Gibson listed as included. Zzounds asked me to call Gibson to have them replace what someone removed in their warehouse. I guess Zzounds just made it to my do not buy from list... I haven’t even tuned the guitar yet...

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