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I have a 2008 J45 that belonged to Tim Hensley. About all I know about Hensley is that he was a singer/songwriter and he worked in Kenny Chesney's band. I bought the guitar through Carter Vintage Guitars after Hensley's death. If any of you know more about Tim Hensley, his work and his career, I would really appreciate your sharing it. It's a very nice guitar, by the way.

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I saw Tommy Emmanuel play with Grisman at SOPAC a few years ago. Hensley opened up. He is an insane flatpicker. A grasser if there ever was one.



This is a video someone else took from the show, where they all jammed together at the end...


He is on UMGF sometimes too...





When guys like this play... I just want to sell them all save one. Very humbling to watch those that have invested the 10,000 hours.

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