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  1. I appears to me that your situation is not much different from a guitar shop with a big showroom. I'd suggest you call a few shops and see what humidifiers they use. I'll bet the folks at Carter's Vintage Guitars, in Nashville, would be happy to share information with you.
  2. They should call it Willie Wood.
  3. I read where they are making lumber out of hemp. I wonder how long it will be until someone builds a guitar out of hemp wood. If the boys at Bozeman will jump on this, Willie might get rid of that Martin and buy a Gibson!
  4. There's nothing to worry about when you buy from a reputable dealer who allows you to return the guitar if it doesn't suit you. I've bought two that way and have been lucky both times...but felt good, knowing I could have returned them if I wasn't satisfied. Good luck!
  5. I have the K&K Pure Mini in two Gibsons….a J45 rosewood and a J45 mahogany...and really like them. The most natural sound that I've gotten with a pickup. I also have the K&K preamp...but rarely use it. I just go directly into my Fishman Loudbox Professional and get the kind of sound that I want. I've never had a feedback issue, but I don't play real loud.
  6. I have 3 J-45 guitars. The last one I bought was from Carter's Guitars in Nashville. It was used and I figured it would make a good campfire guitar. Wouldn't you know it? It has the best sound of all three and is now the one that I usually play in concerts.
  7. While I've always thought that Gibsons, in general, were good looking guitars, it was the sound that got me. I owned several different brands before I bought my first Gibson, so I kind of had an idea of what I didn't want. Right now, I have six guitars...……..five of them are Gibsons.
  8. It's worth a try. And, from now on, it wouldn't hurt to have a witness present when you talk to him.
  9. In some locals, you can file a small claims case in your Justice of the Peace court....but I don't know about New Hampshire. You can also file a complaint with your Better Business Bureau. But, to really get anywhere with it, you are just about going to have to lawyer up. Of course, you can also spread the word among musicians in your area and hurt his future business. Frankly, I'm not sure that any of that will get you back to the quality guitar that you had before the fool got hold of it. If life was fair, he'd at least be stoned....or tarred & feathered.
  10. Where do you live, Rambler?
  11. That's got to be on of the prettiest songs of all time!
  12. I generally work solo. But occasionally work with a second guitarist. I've recently heard a version of the song that uses two guitars and a slap bass. Pretty cool.
  13. Ian Tyson's "Red Velvet"....with its key change in the middle.
  14. Fishman acoustic amps are hard to beat.
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