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  1. That's got to be on of the prettiest songs of all time!
  2. I generally work solo. But occasionally work with a second guitarist. I've recently heard a version of the song that uses two guitars and a slap bass. Pretty cool.
  3. Ian Tyson's "Red Velvet"....with its key change in the middle.
  4. Fishman acoustic amps are hard to beat.
  5. In the words of that great American Bugs Bunny, "WHAT A MAROON!"
  6. I had the same thing happen to me...got some 80/20 bronze by mistake. Couldn't get back to my phosphorus bronze strings fast enough. Which just proves that you are right...and I am right. We all have a tone in mind for what an acoustic guitar is supposed to sound like. It is virtually impossible to really describe...but we know it when we hear it.
  7. As I mentioned on the other post, Ramblin' Jack is quite the character. He is also a very under-appreciated guitarist. Quite the picker, actually.
  8. I have opened for Ramblin' Jack Elliott on three different occasions. On one, I had to give him a guitar pick....he didn't have one. On another, I had to loan him my guitar. And on the third, I had to loan him my capo. What an absolute character!!!
  9. I'm playing my 2008 J45....relearning Ian Tyson's "Red Velvet."
  10. I think that people try to describe the sound they like...but with little success. We all have a sound in our head that is what an acoustic guitar should be like...and most are different. That's why there are so many pickups.
  11. Even when playing regularly, the calluses on the fingers of my left hand start to peel off. It helps if I take an emery board and sand them down a bit. Does this happen to anyone else? What do you do, if anything, to preserve and protect the calluses?
  12. It' nice when everything comes together like that, isn't it?
  13. I got the lesson a number of years ago. We were in the studio doing some recording when a guy came in with the sorriest looking old Guild dreadnaught I'd ever seen. When he played the first note I liked to have pulled a neck muscle doing a double take.
  14. I've been noticing various guitar ads on the internet - not just Gibsons - and not just acoustics. It appears that a lot of folks must be drawn to a certain guitar because of how it looks instead of how it sounds. Of course, veteran pickers know better, but the guitar companies and the music stores seem to think that looks is what sells a guitar. What say you folks?
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