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  1. Several years ago, in Austin, Ray was playing a show in a venue that held about 75-100 people. A couple came in with a little boy in a wheelchair and sat down on the very front row, with the wheelchair in the center aisle....dead in front of Ray. Ray closed the show with "SCREW YOU, I'M FROM TEXAS"....except, without explanation, he sang "THE HECK WITH YOU, I'M FROM TEXAS." Everyone of us in the audience knew exactly why he did it. Old outlaws mellow, too.
  2. Two things....first, I'd go with the one that sounded best to me. Second...if at all possible, I'd want a qualified luthier to look it over before I plunked down the cash. Also, I know my own limitations, so I have a luthier do the set up for me.
  3. I put mine on the floor in front of me. As the years have gone by, I've learned to print REALLY BIG.
  4. Someone called him the Mark Twain of our times. I can't argue with that.
  5. I've got a 1965 J50. Would they have still been using hide glue when this guitar was built? If so, would it have been on just the neck joint, or on other parts of the guitar? Thanks.
  7. So what's everyone's opinion of these Richlite fingerboards? I've not tried one yet, but for some reason the idea just doesn't appeal to me. Am I being an old fuddy-duddy?
  8. I've been spending time with a '65 J50 that a friend in Arizona was nice enough to sell to me. I'm currently working on some old Ian & Sylvia songs...mainly WILD GEESE.
  9. I've got a black J45 that is a couple of years old. One of my favorite Gibsons.
  10. I don't have any gigs lined up until the end of April....quite a few from then until the Fall. I sure hope this crazy pandemic is history by then. I guess, in the meantime, it wouldn't hurt to work on my chops a bit....maybe even learn some new songs....try to turn a negative into a positive.
  11. There is a national bluegrass association and I'll just bet they have a web site. You might check there for festivals that are near you or of interest.
  12. The K&K Pure Mini is my pick. I've got it in two J-45s.
  13. I appears to me that your situation is not much different from a guitar shop with a big showroom. I'd suggest you call a few shops and see what humidifiers they use. I'll bet the folks at Carter's Vintage Guitars, in Nashville, would be happy to share information with you.
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