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1994 Gibson Centennial Roy Smeck Radio Grande #50 + Extras


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Have been a member for a few years but mostly just a lurker.


I have a very nice Gibson Centennial Smeck (#50 out of 100 made) for sale currently.


I have owned since new.


I hope I am posting this on the appropriate board on the group. (If not, please direct)


If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me with any questions, etc..









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Yes, your guitar has been coming into my eBay Smeck feed. The forum should be ok with the ad, as they've done away with the Trading Post.


Nice photos- the added body depth is quite visible in some of the off-angle shots showing the heel. Having looked at many of these on the web, it would appear that most all of the examples seen did show a very tall saddle and copious string break, set up from the early days of Gibson Acoustic Bozeman to be powerful pickers. And, seeing the photos of the back, the mention of


"I am not sure what the regulations on woods were back in 94 but it's very possible some of the wood used in this piece are no longer available in later guitars."


is message-understood ; ). Good luck with the sale.

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Nick- Mark Stutman of Folkway had one, and had the nut width as 1 13/16 (1.8125)". SlimT here on the forum had mentioned it as having a little more than the walnut Jackson Browne model, which was 1.805, but the JB had a ridiculously flat neck profile, instead of the more V-shaped neck of the Smeck.


Knowing the time-in that Jackson has put in on the Smeck guitars over the years, one must speculate that either he's got the biomechanics of playing a deep bodied guitar figured out, or he has double jointed shoulders.


Talk about high heels: Have a look at the body depth at the neck joint on these (Gibson had some beautiful rosewood for fretboards back then):




Rchgck- the spruce top on yours looks fantastic; almost seems to be torrified wood.

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They were usually on the top bass side lower bout. There were too many of them to be a coincidence.



Hmm... I wonder if it has something to do you with the way you have to hold the guitar, considering the extra body depth? Maybe you tend to squeeze the box more between your arm and body.

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Both good educated guesses. 'Just finished looking a photos of bracing layouts on Gib acoustics. No clue, here, but will add that as many of these guitars that I've looked at, I didn't see any with cracks. . . disclosed cracks, that is. I've always wondered about one case I've got that requires an uncomfortable amount of pressure to get the latches closed, but when you consider the extra body depth on the Smecks, there could be a chance of putting the guitar in the wrong case.*


* 'Just checked some case fitment- the deep-bodied Stage Deluxe Rose 12 fret fits into the standard TKL case, but ironically, when put into the 12 fret J-45 case, it teeters, as the neck support is too low, and the lower bout doesn't come close to allowing an attempt to latch the case.

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