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  1. I like the Sparrow, pickguard and all. Well, almost, I prefer short scale. I have a J-200 and some Martin's, but have been mainly playing my Hummingbird and Southern Jumbo. I think the Sparrow would be a nice addition to the herd. Lol!
  2. I love the Roy Smeck guitars. Fairbanks is especially sweet!
  3. I love everything about that guitar.
  4. That's the ones right there!
  5. Loved the J-45 list! OWF had a great sense of humor too. RIP OWF
  6. I get it! Oddly, Hogeye is starting to grow on me.
  7. Because the DCs are just so dang cool. We satisfied owners jump at the chance to discuss them, and it doesn't matter too much in the grand scheme of things. šŸ˜œ I love mine so much, I'm considering adding another one. I would take a single or double cut away. The one I have now is my first guitar with P-90s, they are incredible.
  8. All good suggestions so far! I like the Fender Pro Jr. (All tube, 15 watts, 1x10) works great with pedals and my Les Paul Special with P90s. It may be too loud for your small room. I use it at home with no issues.
  9. Very subjective! I left the bridge pins on my J-15 on. Actually, all 5 of my Gibson acoustics still have the stock pins in place.
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