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I am a disabled veteran of the Army and tried to play guitar over in Germany before the internet was invented and didn't have much luck finding instructional material. Needless to say I gave up on it for quite a few years.


Now I just started to learn the bass as our church only has a piano player and once in a while a bass player will be there.


I have an Epiphone SG EB-3 that I picked up from a pawn shop and it was in very rough shape. I have cleaned it, put new strings on it, and replaced a bunch of rusty screw headed screws. Good thing is the pickups work ok.


Even the strap buttons mounting screw holes were worn and I had to drill them out and glue in oak dowls so I could drill new ones.


All I have left now is to find the allen screws that go in the worm shaft of the tuners. Any help would be appreciated.



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Welcome aboard okie143 from a Marine Corps vet. Good luck on your journey to learn bass. Along with 6 and 7 string guitars, I play 4 and 6 string basses. I truly enjoy playing bothguitar and bass.


There is a sub-forum for Epiphone basses under the Epiphone forum. You may want to also post there. Those forums are probably viewed more than this one and you might have better luck getting the information you're looking for. Good hunting!

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Can you post a photo of the area where you need some allen screws?

A picture goes a long way in clarifying.


Thanks for your service, by the way.


I served 26 years on Active Duty in the Army, and still work for the Army, in a certain fashion.


You from Oklahoma?

I have some good friends who live out that way.

They worked in Lawton for years, and are now retired up on Apache, OK.



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Welcome, Old Disabled Vet,


I am a Vietnam Vet who did two tours without getting injured. Just blessed I guess. It warms my heart to see someone take up an instrument later in life. I hope it takesw you places beyond your best and wildest dreams. I once knew a guy who picked up a guitar, and within six months, he was fronting a pretty good rock band with a Gibson Flying V. Too bad he flamed out, but that is definitely one of the hazards.


I hope you get that Bass humming soon.

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