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Happy Birthday to **** Dale!

G Mac

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**** Dale would have been 82 today but, regrettably, he just died on March 16th this year. Known as "The King of the Surf Guitar", he was a pioneer of surf music. He was famous for his reverb soaked sound on songs like "Miserlou", and "Hava Nagila". He recorded "Let's Go Trppin'" which is one of the first surf rock songs in 1961. He was also responsible for Leo Fender's creation of the first 100 watt amp! Today, I give you the song "Let's Go Trippin'" because it was the first and also because it is not as familiar to people as some of his other works. I hope you enjoy the guitar of **** Dale...may he rest in peace.



edit: I can't believe that D1ck was excluded from my post! Is it just me or, has political correctness gone far too far?

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Not nly was he innovative in sound, he also played left handed and upside down The only quote from him that sticks in my mind goes something like "No, I don't know what a 9th or a 13th is, I just play the GD thing."

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