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Mark Lee

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I know, I'm with ya - Almost nobody plays heavy strings any more & it's haaaaard to find them sometimes. What type of strings are you looking for: flatwound, roundwound, steel, phosphor-bronze, etc? You may get more responses posting in both the hollow body & acoustic forums, there are some lurking gurus around those parts... here in the lounge it's somewhat inane like, "So-and-so's a commie," "grilled cheese vs. PBJ," "SRV rules," etc.

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I would assume to be period correct your looking for flat wounds. I use La Bella strings on my archtops, and they offer a set 15-56 (#20PH).


I use the La Bella Nylon Tape Wounds on my L-5 & L-7 (set #800M), 14-67. Either of these sets, or heavy strings like your looking for, are hard to come by. I have a local mom & pop shop special order them for me.


Check out the La Bella website and catolog:




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