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What model is this?


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Definitely a J50... it’s not the Modern Classic because the lack of Grover Roto tuners, but who knows. Maybe he swapped them out.

I actually think there was a 1959 custom special run J50 last year... 2018?


frankly though... the specs are so similar on all of these. 

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The J-50 was a regular production model from 1999 into the mid 2000s.  It appears in the ‘99, ‘01, and ‘03 catalogs.  I bought one new in 2001.

There also have been a number of recent special runs.  I have a gloss Custom Shop J-50 from 2015,, and later a VOS version was released.

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They also made the J-50 "Modern Classic" for several years, I have one from 2008 myself. IIRC, these were in production from ~2007 through 2011. They had the ugly, big silver rotomatic tuners however. But many peole (like me) swapped them for vintage-style Klusons or similar. Here's an archived page for the 2009 Modern Classic


and the 2007 Modern Classic


Then they brought the J-50 back again a few years ago (maybe 2016?),  we discussed it here at the time, I believe they called it a "J-50 Antique Natural" and it was available from the usual places like Sweetwater. I recall it was quite expensive however, over $3000 IIRC. Made me glad that I got my 2008 J-50 lightly used for $1500 (it sold for $2000 new back then).

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