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Gibson SG Standard Tribute 2019 Question

Scott Michina

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Hi, I'm new to the forum but wanted to ask for opinions on the 2019 SG Standard Tribute that is sold for $1,099 on most online music stores and is on sale at Guitar Center for $749.  I wanted to ask how they are able to sell it so cheap first of all.  LOL  I've never owned a Gibson USA Made guitar and wondered if it would keep its value or even possibly go up in value.  I own an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro but always wanted a Gibson.  Thanks for any help you can give me!    

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Hello and welcome.

I would say mainly its the finish. The satin finish I think is thinner and less labour intensive...  Possibly less picky about wood matching than say on a standard..

In fact looking at the one they have on their site you can see it very easily on the back


Also, dot inlays. Much easier than traps.. No neck binding... No MOP headstock inlay..... And probably comes just in a soft case (actually in looking, so does an SG Standard 😮 ).. Also possibly less desirable pickups..

Most of it is just aesthetic stuff... They are still good guitars...

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If it's the exact same guitar that's "only" $300 off, and GC is still going to make a profit as its called "mark up" 

You buy something mark it up 200%, then once in a while put out a 25% sale.

Also GC gets back a lot of returns, sometimes for stupid little things,  easy to put that out on a "inventory blow out sale" as well

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