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New Gibson 1936 AJ Reissue


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14 hours ago, JuanCarlosVejar said:

Actually Gibson Acoustic has it’s own room this year and you could hear yourself play just fine.I enjoyed playing the entire historic  collection and they knocked my socks off.

I take it that this was a different location than where the video you shared was filmed at?

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By the way, I don't have a problem with thin finishes, but the whole relic'd thing turns me off.  I simply prefer a patina that comes honestly, that has been earned (this doesn't just apply to guitars by the way). Also, I don't think that there is a silver bullet when it comes to building a great guitar.  In my experience they can have thinner or thicker finishes of various types, light construction or heavier construction, certainly any number of different tonewoods. This is why I have come to judge each and every guitar on it's own because often it seems that a great guitar is a great guitar despite many of these things and not because of any of them in particular.

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I have always believed that an F1 Ferrari is fast because the designers paid attention to every singel detail, even the ones not measurable in isolation. It all adds up. This is my reasoning with guitars too. There are of course the variations supplied by mother nature when it comes to pieces of wood, but a design that acknowledges even the smallest detail, in my mind at least, should have a greater chance of being the superior product. 

A thin finish might not be an easily measurable tone improver, but in addition to a dozen other little details like that, I believe it matters. Then there is of course the questions of where one particular guitar falls on the bell curve of natural variantions... 


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I tried a thin finish gibson, hated the bumpy unsanded finish, dont mind the VOS finish on les pauls so hopefully its more like that.

Anyone try the new 42 j45? there are a few at dealers now, the neck sounds perfect, wonder if its more like true vintage bracing or legend bracing?

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