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  1. I love Gibson Acoustics and they are the majority of the acoustic guitars I own. I appreciate Gibson electrics, but they are not for me. I have one Martin 000-18, so more Martin's than Gibson electrics. However I own 11 Fender electrics (Strats and Teles)
  2. Based on this video, I actually prefer the sound of the new one.
  3. This pandemic is great for instruments makers, due to lockdowns and not being able to travel etc... people take up guitar again. Fender had the best years ever, same I hear from my favorite music store owner. I guess Gibson does well like the others, and I like what's coming out of Gibson since the new CEO took over. The quality is up for sure.
  4. Actually one of my problems with Martin is, lately they only have smaller necks outside the Authentic series. I would be interested in a D-35, but the low oval neck is not mine. Just a regular D-35 built to the late 60's specs.
  5. I love Martin guitars, I love the history and really like to look at them. I had my share of Martin D size, 18, 28, 42,45 over the years and thought there is nothing I would like better. I also had some SCGC D's. Than I played an AJ at Guitar Showcase in San Jose around 2008 and loved it, couldn't get that guitar out of my mind and really regret that I didn't buy it. In 2013 Gibson introduced this limited edition 1935 AJ which is like a Gibson version of the Martin Authentic series. I bought it and was so impressed that I also bought the OJ from the same limited edition. After about 6 month owning them I sold all my Martin D size guitars. From time to time I check out Martin D models but I prefer my Gibson's. I guess they just fit me better. However my Martin 000-18 Authentic is my all time favorite smaller body acoustic, that's for sure is a keeper for life.
  6. A friend of mine got his Slim Harpo ES-330 last Friday. He ordered from Gibson Online Shop. He said it sounds, looks and feels great. According to him the Slim Harpo business card justifies the extra $300 over the Casino 😉
  7. I used Snarks in the past, but they broke too often on me. Not the electronics the plastic. I went with TC Polytune and I love them. To me best price value.
  8. Since more than 15 years I use the Venta's they keep the humidity at 55%. I have one for my guitar room, living room and bedroom. Easy to use and they also clean the air with just fresh water. I change the water every other day.
  9. Thanks! This guitar really shows that Gibson Montana can build great sounding and looking instruments. BTW, my 2013 Original Jumbo ltd edition is in the same league.
  10. The 1935 Limited Advanced Jumbo Reissue was done in 2013. It was limited to 35 guitars. Gibson did a 1:1 copy of Gary Burnette's original prototype AJ. Gary always call's it a 1935, I believe this one was more a 1934 due to the "small" sunburst pattern which was typical pre 1935. Gibson went to Gary's house to get the exact measurements again, also for the 1934 Original Jumbo released as a ltd edition in the same year. The 1935 reissue AJ is an all hide glue construction, Indian RW back and sides and a AAA red spruce top. The nut width is the vintage correct 1.725". The back of the neck had also the sunburst pattern as on the original ones. No Custom Shop decal on back of the headstock and no paper sticker inside the guitar. The serial numbers start with 1935...... and they came with a really nice red line case same as the earlier Legend series guitars. I bought mine new in 2013 from My Favorite Guitars, I love that guitar and will never part with it. I think this is the closest reissue to the real thing Gibson did so far. I played a two 1936 AJ's and I am still very happy with my reissue after playing these two. This is mine:
  11. I am a Gibson guy when it comes to acoustics. When electric I am a die hard Fender guy, Strats and Teles. As much as I appreciate the Gibson LP's and ES's, I had my share of them, I never warmed up to them.
  12. Thats a beautiful '37 AJ. I had a few AJ reissues and the ones I picked sounded great. But my favorite one is my 2013 limited edition 1935 AJ. Gibson copied Burnette's prototype, it's a ltd run of 35 guitars, all hide glue construction. They were not that cheap back then, but when I played it at the store, I knew its special. I played a few original '36 AJ's and it compares favorable, of course 80+ years is hard to build into a new guitar. I have vintage ones and new guitars, I like 'em both and my AJ is actually my #1 acoustic
  13. Tom, Thanks so much for the great pictures and comparison video. They are all great, however I love that old AJ. Love those pictures, Gibson bracing is always a mystery. You never know what you will get.
  14. The AJ is one of the best acoustic guitars for me. I played 3 original ones, had several reissues till I bought my 1935 reissue in 2013 I love this guy, I am not a Bluegrass player but love listen to it. But this guy always gives me a big smile, he reminds me of SRV, killer player and just loves to play.
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