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  1. I use Venta since more than 15 years in the winter period.
  2. I would let the new guys start first, before making assumptions on their behalf. Henry J. was not successful anymore and made a few wrong decisions (Onkyo, Philips and a few others). According to your post they already sent stuff under his management to China to reduce cost. Gibson Montana is not doing bad at all, why would you change something that works. Building acoustics in Nashville was not working back than, that's why they bought Flatiron and started Gibson Montana. The Gibson guitar business was not the problem for Gibson and their financial situation at the end. I give the new management the benefit of the doubt.
  3. They should be a direct fit. The older 14:1 were not that great, the newer 18:1 are an improvement. My AJ came with Waverly's, but I think they have slightly different measurements to be an easy fit. check if you have the old 14:1 tuners, than I would just go with the new 18:1 Grovers
  4. Congrats on your AJ. They are great guitars. I used to own a J45 Legend till I played that 2013 Limited Edition 1935 AJ. About a year after I bought that AJ, I sold my J45 and my D-28. That AJ is my number 1 acoustic.
  5. I ordered replacements from this company. They are great: http://www.firestripepickguards.com
  6. Love the Retro's on my OJ (Mahogany) don't like 'em at all on my AJ (Rosewood).
  7. What they mean is that production will continue as is and no lay-offs in Bozeman at this time. I guess Gibson Acoustic is doing well, why changing something that works.
  8. Really sad news! Fuller's had some of the best vintage Reissues from Gibson. They know what Gibson players want.
  9. How deep are the scratches? Could they be polished out? The AJ's are nice guitars, if that's the one you like go get it.
  10. I've shipped guitars with USPS since many years and had always good experience with them. Just one time I had an incident with the shipping time. I dropped off a guitar and the clerk at the USPS office told me it will take about 3-4 days. It actually took >2 weeks. Tracking said the package is in Atlanta( I shipped it to Phoenix AZ), but nobody could tell me why it's there and stuck there already over a week. I was sure that guitar is gone. A week later it arrived at the buyer, no damage all was fine.
  11. There are two issues with online purchasing when it comes to Gibson. Gibson didn't allow their dealers to put the guitars on their website, look at Fuller's or Russo no new Gibson's on their site. The other thing is you have to play them before purchasing, the Gibson acoustics vary too much in sound and feel even when it's the same model. I bought my Original Jumbo from Russo, but Scott was a great help over the phone. It was exactly what he told me on the phone. Try that with Gibson Online Shop ;-). Shipping back and forth is not what I want to do.
  12. Funny story about your Blues King L-00. I had a similar experience with my 1992 Nick Lucas. I bought it in early 1993 at Gryphon, it came from winter NAMM. This Nick was hanging on the wall and I liked the look, never heard about the Nick Lucas Special, but the looks of it made me take it off the wall and pickin' it. It was love at first sight, bought it and it's the guitar I own the longest. After I bought it, I searched to find out more about the NL Special. It was my first Gibson acoustic and through my search on the net and some Gibson "experts" I found out mine has a "flaw". The NL Special supposed to have a scale of 24.9", Ren Ferguson decided to make mine long scale (25.4" )!! Many "experts" told me it's bad that Gibson made it with long scale. The funny thing is whoever plays it loves the tone of it ;) A couple a years ago I bought a 1933 L-1 from a well known vintage dealer. We had a chat about old and new Gibson's, I told him about my old NL and having the wrong scale, but it's my favorite little Gibson. He replied " yep I know about them, Ren had the right idea to make it long scale. They sound fabulous." I played quite a few NL's since I bought mine, none was better sounding than this "wrong" scale NL Special from '92. Ren did it right!
  13. 40 minutes of babbling, I am not impressed. I agree with BigKahune, the talk about wood was quite something
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