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  1. Oh brother what a sucker. I too pulled the trigger and ordered one. I called it my father's day present and the missus was not at all amused. But life is short etc...Heading to Montana soon for hunting, fishing and campfire serenades so I hope it arrives in time.
  2. Bad things come in threes, Kid, so you should be good. I was thinking (there I go working without tools again) "I don't want some sticky thing gunking up the back of my 'Bird but than I looked at the attachment process. Ah, said I, magnets! I actually use nobelium magnets to attach the battery inside my guitar instead of Velcro for my on my Semore Duncan Mag Mic pickup. Let me know how it plays out as I am thinking this would be a great camp fire amp and would blow my friends minds as I am getting effects out of a "unplugged" guitar. Oh and hey Jedzep, Django did it with 2 fingers and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth! Don't try that at home kids.
  3. Plus Jen's SLR camera uses an external mic for only the finest in audio and video quality. Sorry Jen :) Love you honey As an old sound guy on porno shoots I know a thing or two about getting decent sound in less than ideal locations. ( I wrote and directed "Ravaging Ron and the Plight of Virtue" starring Ron Jeremy and Angelica Sin if you are so inclined to look into this type of "art" film)
  4. Well the acoustics in the back room are not the greatest I'm sure. Personally I love the sound of the ADJ. My 64 Bird is a beater but, oh my, sounds like heaven!
  5. I put Graph Tech Ratio tuners on my 'bird as I love how smooth they are and not having to crank the smaller string as they all tighten at the same ratio. Didn't like the big chrome buttons so Stew Mack sent me some nice replacements. Did a little relic job on 'em so not so shiny... old and worn is my go to. I use circuit board etch acid as my go to as my instant "been here for years" treatment.
  6. Yep back is total crack attack, respray (poor)and already had one (bad) neck reset I swear it looks like super glue! I'm sure it was less than a grand I took some photos and mocked up a appraisal of 1200 on a fake photoshop letterhead. Caveat Venditor (let the seller beware) Wall hanger for now
  7. Got this mystery Gibson at a pawn shop here in Cali a 1932 L1 I am told by tpbiii $850 if I remember +50 for the case. Issues but who doesn't have some of those?
  8. Careful what you wish for. Lucky for me my quarantine consists of working 13 hours a day. 1991 BC Rich Custom 1964 'Bird refin 1880 Mando 2018 Korean Wolf gotta love the bling on this! Mystery pawn shop Gibson Robert Johnston? Fender Partscaster Hendrix tribute built by myself. How about the cobra snake strap? Scary!
  9. So sad his songs will forever live in my heart every time I play one. His is our Angel from Montgomery. RIP Jon.
  10. That's so funny I was just writing some new words for "Come sext me up" just the other night. He was just unlucky to get caught right in the middle of the whole "Me too" movement. I don't think I can forgive him though for telling Mandy Moore she wasn't an artist because she didn't play an instrument. That girl's voice is an instrument! In the 70's he would have been just another rock god who could do no wrong now just road kill on the progressive highway.
  11. Had a little time to organize lyrics into a binder and work on some Capo stuff Toad the wet sproket's Something has gone wrong and You should have seen it in color Jamie Johnson as well as I'm writing new words for Ryan Adams "Come text me up"
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