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  1. As always Jin spot on the mark with this one as well. I think you need to have your car looked at though the steering wheel seems to be on the wrong side! cheers buddy
  2. Jesus such a long thread on such a small problem. Imperfection is the mark of a hand made item and i LOVE it!
  3. '64 Hummer with L5 fingerboard refinished in the 60's after some long haired hippy type pinko fa9 painted it periwinkle blue. A true beater but sounds like heaven. One word here kids, Photobucket (bad) Imgur (Goood)
  4. Despite a PR misfire or two, Gibson has had a positive 2019, overhauling its entire range and bringing it in closer in line with what guitarists actually want - and a surprise statement from CMO Cesar Gueikian indicates there could be good news for Epiphone fans, too. In a recent Instagram post, Gueikian shared a picture of a host of classic Gibson and Epiphone parts, including scratchplates, pickup selector rings and vintage Epiphone headstocks. When Instagram user cwwoodhead commented, “You should switch all the Epi headstock to that shape”, Gueikian issued a brief but telling response: “it’s coming”.
  5. James Taylor version of woodstock Drop D and nice vocal changes to the original,
  6. Did an epileptic shoot the video? Makes me dizzy. When I click on these on YouTube I immediately click off thinking why are you shooting video on your cell phone at a concert? Bad form in my opinion. Watch the show and stare at your phone when your having dinner with your wife. (That always bugs me when out as well>)
  7. I got some kevlar picks of late. Jim Root model I think?? I like the material but it's kind of to small for my taste Jazz pick size. Got a couple old nylon picks I always seem to grab so I must like 'em. Tortex of course but not to thick please Jim. My experience with wood and bone too thick for acoustic guitar.
  8. WTF? Looks like some ancient dental tool.
  9. couple c clamps and some superglue should do the trick!
  10. The guy I bought this from has a recording studio in San Luis Obispo complete with 2" tape and all the trimmings. Tons of outboard gear too. I asked him what it was like to work with all that vintage gear and he told me, "Oh we never use it. I hired a couple 20 somethings and we rout everything to Pro Tools" I guess he's no Dan Auerbach. I remember my fist experience with digital you could go have a sandwich while it rendered. Have a listen and have to do it all over. Ah memories...
  11. I have the same 8 channel in my closet and thought the same thing this is quite a difference as far as I can tell so far. we'll see.
  12. Boss VE8 is quite a toy after seeing a Youtuber showing it off. Nice live rig. I just picked this beauty for a couple hundred bucks. Used to belong to Charlie Wilson of the Gap Band. Tascam 2488 neo Should be some fun in the home studio!
  13. I forgot about this one in my closet! In the early '90s I was doing some work painting guitars for Birnie Rico in the LA area and told him I was looking for an acoustic/electric. He said let's see what we can come up with. The result is an awesome Frankenstein of Flaminco, acoustic and electric parts I always loved Ovation headstocks ( I think the electronics are Takamine if I remember) All painting and finish was dome by me including the graphics. Unfortunately the neck got a serious twist on a trip to Hawaii in the frozen cargo hold but she is still a beauty to behold.
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