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  1. I think there is something about the age and dryness of the wood that gives them a different voice. Better? not always but usually. In my opinion my '64 Bird takes a bird poop on a new one. much louder and better definition.
  2. I agree looks a little pricey for a "beater" Save up a little more squash and find something cleaner.
  3. Jesus never had so much trouble with any Gibson I ever owned. My bird is dry and woody and always plays like a loud dream Thanks to Cali I guess
  4. wish he would play central california
  5. won't keep me logged in and never remembers my password have to request a password reset everytime annoying...
  6. Cool Beans or not Having some trouble staying logged in
  7. headin' out to my drummer buddies house to play a little music in the barn. Kind of rainy here in Cali.
  8. Jesus Kahuna is that really your quiver? Makes me think in the event of a fire what would you go in and take out? The fire for Christ sake!
  9. Nice to know that a "Modern" guitar can still fill the bill. Always loved your stuff. keep it coming.
  10. I would agree Bill and the magic he pulls from that battered old LG-2 is just something to behold.
  11. I just can't fathom a price point of 8k for a non vintage guitar...Just sayin'
  12. When I first met my '64 Hummingbird (with an L5 rosewood finger board) at Norm's my wife rolled her eyes at this scrappy, old 1960's refin but as soon as I played it those eye grew wide and she said.. "That's the loudest acoustic I have ever heard!" and the 4 or 5 other customers in the shop who were looking over nodding their heads in agreement.
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