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  1. Got to be one of the prettiest J200 ever!
  2. I got a beater like this at a pawn shop for 850 but alas not a D45 and mine I think is FUBAR
  3. I just leave mine on the stand ready for action. Humidity here in Cali is 30% and the guitar is a dry old hummingbird. What is optimum?
  4. How about a '64 bird with a L5 fretboard and inlays? Wacky but cool so anything is possible!
  5. Hey Dave F is that the new "Duck" model?
  6. That's funny I have a trove of picks new and old but I always dig through them to find that old grey Dunlop pick.
  7. I haven't had anything that new since my baby boy (now 30 years old) Now put some wear on that beauty!
  8. Did anyone catch the Country Music Awards last night. Luke Combs did team up with Ford and Gibson for guitars for vets. But the one thing I noticed there was not a acoustic guitar brand that wasn't a Gibson all night! Tons of all flavors and even Taylor Swift played a Gibson instead of her usual Taylor. A couple Teles and Sho=Bud slides but the rest were all product placement Gibby!
  9. "I used to play this song with my dad when I was growing up. Was able to record this video with my grandpa's old Gibson SJ that he gave to my dad before he passed away. Shot this on the outskirts of my hometown." Love this girl and not sure if I posted this before.. but worth a second look. Happy Labor Day I'm off on a huntin' trip with my boys, dead deer, BBQ dove and guitars around the campfire. I am so needing this right now.
  10. I got hosed (no pun intended) every time I dealt with Guitar Center find a real guitar store and repair shop like Norm's (if that's even still possible) you'll be much better off. Norm seems to be having a hard time like all of us. https://www.tmz.com/2020/08/17/normans-rare-guitars-danger-closing-documentary-post-malone-machine-gun-kelly-slash/
  11. Thanks for that Jinder I especially liked Gods Hobby but if you need a graphic artist for your next cover though give me a ring up.
  12. We all should be so lucky to go out like that...
  13. Traded my creamy white Les Paul Custom for my 'Bird and some cash at Norman's but currently I have two electric favs. My partscaster I built myself (think SRV or Mayer's black one) Custom shop neck and pickups. Notice the Cobra snake strap I made! and my Korean Wolf LP I bought brand new for (wait for it) $139.00!! So beautiful and set up in LA by the importer a 10 pound beast that plays like butter and looks like a dream! I use both when I jam with the boys but the 'bird gets the most attention on the couch or patio.
  14. So sorry about the breakup. I know what that's about my wife said if I bought another guitar she would leave me. Boy, I miss her sometimes!
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