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  1. Hey Winger how about... Brigadier Combination Minor Key Stallworth Extraordinaire ??
  2. get imgur.com no worries from then on
  3. Just the plastic gassing off
  4. plastic bread bag widgets will do the trick as well and they are free {well after you buy the bread)
  5. Hey that looks like my 'ol '64 only someone painted it blue in the '60s and then sanded it back and added the black finish. Mine does have a L5 fingerboard which I have only seen on a couple other (highly valuable I was told) Hummers.
  6. I think Gibson should stop making up all these fake titles for management. Chief Merchant Officer? How about Junior Lieutenant Soundhole Sweat Assistant Czar? or simply Second Sargent Crack Whore in Waiting? I'm talking to you Mark.
  7. After 40+ years I don't even have calluses anymore just leather.
  8. looks a little out of shape to me both bouts being the same . Camera angle maybe. pretty though
  9. I did have this problem with one Les Paul I had but a little nutSauce and using a string as a nut file cured the problem for grins please review the following. From the advertisement A three-by-three headstock looks the business, but it can result in tuning problems, owing to the fact the four center strings pull sideways at the back of the nut; fortunately, dB Instrument Amp reckons it finally has the solution with the TruGlide. The electric and acoustic guitar tuning stabilizer aims to support the bottom of the string then guide it to the tuners using a low-friction curved surface, allowing the strings to move freely and more easily return to pitch. Aside from increasing the precision of the guitar’s tuners, the TruGlide has the added bonus of dampening ringing strings above the nut. It certainly looks like a worthwhile purchase for Les Paul players struggling with that pesky G string - the TruGlide is available now for $19.95 from Db Instrument Amp.
  10. Hey I was simply talking to my wife about an RV didn't google it or email about simply talking about it around my iphone and Hey look at that suddenly all banner ads are trying to sell me an RV. Want to have some fun? I had a friend who speaks fluent Italian chat at my phone for a while and you guessed it Italian banner ads. 1984 big brother is watching you. Jihad everybody
  11. The world is simply a copy of what came before. My late 1800's mandolin has the same open book headstock shape as a Les Paul so there Mark.
  12. I think there is something about the age and dryness of the wood that gives them a different voice. Better? not always but usually. In my opinion my '64 Bird takes a bird poop on a new one. much louder and better definition.
  13. I agree looks a little pricey for a "beater" Save up a little more squash and find something cleaner.
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