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  1. Saw this at the Bozeman Airport last week on a trip to big sky country.
  2. Come on ... It looks like my Browning shotgun. [img]https://imgur.com/wBGXYin.jpg[/img]
  3. we call that a sweetheart steak where I come from. Happy Valentines Day!
  4. Love the checking on my '64 Hummingbird Would never change a thing. I was weathering (relic) a refin stratocaster and I used a heat gun and one of those keyboard cleaning spray cans upside down and got the same time honored effect. May have got a little carried away though... (photo is not reversed it's my take on a Hendrix tribute)
  5. And for $650 a month Volvo has a lease plan where you can get a new one every 4 months! Of course that won't help me as the last new thing I got was a light bulb (they were out of used ones)
  6. Nice as always BK ....deleting political content before...
  7. I too often put "guitar strap" on my straps so I can remember what they are used for.
  8. Got to be one of the prettiest J200 ever!
  9. I got a beater like this at a pawn shop for 850 but alas not a D45 and mine I think is FUBAR
  10. I just leave mine on the stand ready for action. Humidity here in Cali is 30% and the guitar is a dry old hummingbird. What is optimum?
  11. How about a '64 bird with a L5 fretboard and inlays? Wacky but cool so anything is possible!
  12. Hey Dave F is that the new "Duck" model?
  13. That's funny I have a trove of picks new and old but I always dig through them to find that old grey Dunlop pick.
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