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  1. I always enjoy my guitar a little more after a little hemp! I had a hemp doormat but he cops confiscated it saying it was a gateway rug.
  2. Very nice Sal! Who is the good lookin' young man in the picture? HH
  3. what do you think ? Stripped down Hummingbird? Nice work Lindsay!
  4. Many nights around the campfire until the ranger tells me to go to bed.
  5. I agree Jinder, My Bird will definitely overpower my voice if I'm beating it like an orphan (what's he going to do tell his parents?) But back off just a tad and my voice fits right into the mix.
  6. Damn that's nice but I always thought they should spray a little stain on the inside so it didn't look so "new" Binding is a little bright for me as well. Nothing 50 or 60 years won't fix. congrats
  7. My uncle had an Every Brothers acoustic in the early '70s that he got from somebody who owed him money and every time I would visit him in LA I spent hours playing it. I only knew a few chords at that time but he assured me that when I was older I could take it home with me. The next summer i went to stay with him I asked him where the guitar was and he pointed to a beat up Sanger flat bottom ski boat in the garage and said "It's right there." I never really got over that guitar and it instilled a lifelong love for Gibson guitars. I've had a few new ones over the years but my '64 Bird is the love of my life and I never felt the need to get anything else after she came into my life. (Thanks Norm) The funny thing my uncle's last name was...(wait for it) Martin. My dad always said a "A boat is just a hole in the water that you pour money into."
  8. Do father and son! Always makes me think of my Dad. And my son. God, I love them both...
  9. I think the Christmas gauntlet has been thrown down by Mark and we should all record our favorites for this Xmas season. i am working on mine though they a little "spicy" I must say. we will see how long the PC youtube will take to ban them. Merry Christmas to all my forum friends! here is last year's
  10. I was just thinking to myself that my hummingbird is the perfect representation of who I am - old, beat, worn out, dried out, not the best looking, amazing tone if I get off my arse and play it, jurassic, etc. I am thrilled to have found my counterpart and hope we last 'till next Thursday. :)
  11. I'll bet that fancy bracelet makes some mighty fine scratches. Maybe he and Jane Fonda can do a Trump hating duet together.
  12. My '64 has a wider neck as well as a L5 fingerboard so you really never know what was going on on a Friday, dope smokin' afternoon.
  13. Just saw these and ordered one today! https://www.gibson.com/Products/Phone-Cases
  14. totally love my black bird 'cause the hog on the back and sides is so purdy! And I beat her like a 3 legged coon dog.
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