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  1. That's so funny I was just writing some new words for "Come sext me up" just the other night. He was just unlucky to get caught right in the middle of the whole "Me too" movement. I don't think I can forgive him though for telling Mandy Moore she wasn't an artist because she didn't play an instrument. That girl's voice is an instrument! In the 70's he would have been just another rock god who could do no wrong now just road kill on the progressive highway.
  2. Had a little time to organize lyrics into a binder and work on some Capo stuff Toad the wet sproket's Something has gone wrong and You should have seen it in color Jamie Johnson as well as I'm writing new words for Ryan Adams "Come text me up"
  3. Thanks for the kind mention 62> I always thought my 64 Bird would go with me to my grave but what a waste that would be... some young 'un should enjoy it as I have. Saw the Smoke this summer with Warren Hayes sang every Blackberry song walked out on Warren. Boring! Not one song I recognized.
  4. I always said to wife and hot neighbor that wanted lessons at 47. "If you we're going to play guitar you would have been doing it already" from a guy who got his first lesson at 8 years old. Kumbya My Lord anyone? Ah Catholic School...
  5. Holy crap I have only seen one other with the L5 neck and that was in Norm's book. Prolly just what mine looked like before some one in the 60's painted it periwinkle blue (which I found trying to expose the original label) I can just see it with peace signs and hand lettered "This machine kills fascists" Yes I made that label. Look at the flamey hog on the back though, nobody painted over that thank God.
  6. That's the one. Not my best performance though. But the sound of vintage wood, oh the sound!
  7. After all my years of playing in bars I think I have girls pretty figured out. I know how to always make them say YES. I just ask "Am I bothering you?" I'll be here all week. Try the veal.
  8. My buddy Seymour makes a Mag/Mic which I adore not a big fan of under saddles in my vintage girls. Pops right out like boobs at Marti Gras!
  9. I didn't know the Everly Brothers were alive in 1939? )%
  10. As you have a quiver of electrics like I did do what I ended up doing ditched one of my vintage Les Pauls and bought a '64 Hummingbird. It was the best move I ever made. I still have a couple LPs and a couple Strats but I end up playing my bird most often.
  11. If I get one too loose when changing strings l put a damp paper towel in there for a few minutes snugs 'em right up a little spit will fix most things said my late father
  12. I agree on the finish I thought VOS or POS
  13. Love Charlie... is that the "Every"?
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