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    I know my Hummer was very picky about humidity. Did not like the sound hole sloppy sponge deal prolly from living in California her whole life. I just keep it in the case when not in my lap and try not to play it in the rain. Old, dry wood I would guess but the sound is unmatched IMHO. Enjoy her. Love the wide neck!
  2. Really Kahune 26 guitars? You trying to catch up with Joe B.
  3. Anybody want to showcase any new purchases or your favorites? I recently plunked down for a new Les Paul (not the real deal I have 2 already} but a Korean beauty too cheap to pass up. Plays like a dream and as I always name my guitars and asked my wifey what she thought would be a good name for our new addition. She texted me back and in a one word reply said LASTONE. ????? LASTONE, I thought it's not Italian. No, she said, Last One! With my current addition that brings my total to 16 guitars. She said she was going to find a Democrat to RED FLAG my *** and confiscate my arsenal of axes. Maybe we need background checks to see if your mentally stable to purchase another guitar?
  4. I don't like the look on that rabbits face. petophile? I played a Hell's Angel bash once and got knocked in the head by thrown beer bottle. Who knew they didn't like Joni Mitchell songs!
  5. me and myself Just kidding... Tommy Emanuel acoustic Jimi Hendrix electric
  6. Wow so much new and beautiful. My '64 hummer is beat and refinished (somebody painted it Periwinkle blue in the '60s) but it's something about old spruce and Honduran mahogany that makes a sound so sweet and loud that all my test drives on the newer models seem tame, and to be frank, kind of lame. Oh and lets see someone find another with the L5 fingerboard!
  7. Just an old nickname I got in high school from 3 girls, a lake and a long summer weekend 😎
  8. I like my bread bag clip better. Here are the instructions 1: Buy bread. 2: Eat bread. 3: Put plastic clip on your guitar strap. 4: Rinse, repeat
  9. What he needs is a couple more mic stands
  10. Yea Somebody drilled a couple holes in it! RED FLAG
  11. Hey Dan is that drool on your fiddle? I smell a dog and guitar thread a cummin'
  12. Hey Winger how about... Brigadier Combination Minor Key Stallworth Extraordinaire ??
  13. get imgur.com no worries from then on
  14. Just the plastic gassing off
  15. plastic bread bag widgets will do the trick as well and they are free {well after you buy the bread)
  16. Hey that looks like my 'ol '64 only someone painted it blue in the '60s and then sanded it back and added the black finish. Mine does have a L5 fingerboard which I have only seen on a couple other (highly valuable I was told) Hummers.
  17. I think Gibson should stop making up all these fake titles for management. Chief Merchant Officer? How about Junior Lieutenant Soundhole Sweat Assistant Czar? or simply Second Sargent Crack Whore in Waiting? I'm talking to you Mark.
  18. After 40+ years I don't even have calluses anymore just leather.
  19. looks a little out of shape to me both bouts being the same . Camera angle maybe. pretty though
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