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  1. I never liked the design on the front of the shirt would much rather see it on the back with a small gibson logo on the pocket spot.
  2. I knew Curt when he used to make his strings in my lil' home town in California. He worked for Ernie Ball started his own deal when they moved to the desert and then moved his gig to Colorado. Haven't really used 'em after I didn't get them for free anymore but his electric strings were top notch. May have to give them another try for acoustic and send him an email and say what's up... I knew a homeless guy who would boil his strings over the campfire... WTF buy a new set you cheap bastard.
  3. Damn that Norm. He is a true treasure hunter! My guitar I got from Norm is the second one (it's a '64 if it has the wide neck) But it has a L5 fretboard like the 3rd one. Find another one of those kids.
  4. Nice to see Mark around again but the Sweetwater girl is way prettier. I'd rather dump my 1000 into a beater that needs a neck reset.
  5. I remember me and dad going into a San Diego pawn shop in 1972 near the navel base and I'm sure some sailor back from Viet Nam had hocked it for gas money. That Tiesco had more switches than the Rockefeller Christmas tree. But she was mine and I loved her long time. The sad thing was there probably was a '59 Les Paul a little higher up on the wall we could have got for $650 bucks. But then the 1970 Riviera we were driving only cost 350.
  6. A Freudian slip I guess (% My own experience has been that the tools I need for my trade are a guitar, a song, and a lot of whiskey
  7. A Holiday ballad to all my friends on the Forum. It has some cuss words so put the kids to bed and don't play it at work. Thanks for another wonderful year with plenty of incites and funny posts. https://youtu.be/IM3q2O4kgzM
  8. UPDATE: I glued a Neodymium magnet inside the guitar soldered a regular 9 volt battery clip in place of the funky plastic battery box and now it sticks happily to the 9volt case.
  9. Attack of the clones! Well, well what can one say but you have out done yourself again Red. Merry Merry!
  10. Reminds me of my first classical guitar. Ah the boyhood memories. /
  11. Guard looks wrong to me. Should be multiple colors but could be the photo.
  12. I use a humidor humidifier but instead of water wet it with propylene glycol lasts much longer, no mold and you can throw a couple stogies in the case to enjoy later!
  13. I still would be afraid to buy it with out putting my pecker clamps on it first. But than other than milk I don't buy anything new.
  14. So I am working out some Christmas songs for an intimate party of family and friends. The usual suspects, Santa Clause is coming, Rudolf, Blue Christmas and Have yourself a Merry etc. I find the Hummingbird is a little too loud for a small gathering so I am using the fingers instead of the usual pick. The screws on the ceramic adjustable bridge on the guitar become extremely annoying after only a few songs. Hmm, says I, why have a never noticed this before? So being the pack rat that I am, I sprang from my couch to cure what was the matter. Away to the garage I flew like a flash, tore open the tool box and and sized up my stash. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but two miniature white rubber thingys of who's purpose was clear. I spoke not a word but went straight to my work. Thinking "Why had I not thought this before. You are such a jerk." So then in a twinkling my task was complete. My palm was now comfy after just a small tweak. They all heard me exclaim as I played though the night. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! Merry Christmas everyone. Holiday Hoser
  15. The only new Gibson I had I parked on it's stand in front of my bass players Ampeg during band practice and let the low notes shake it to it's core. Not sure if it made a difference but she sure got a ride for her money. I hear Metallica has a new whiskey called Blackened and they take the casks of whiskey and punish it with huge speakers to force the whiskey in and out of the wood of sherry barrels they use to age it so I must have been on the right track.
  16. Reminds me of the joy the first time I strummed my '64 Hummingbird. Broken in just like I like 'em!
  17. That's why your the King. Happy Christmas
  18. Try the new Santa Cruz Parabolic Tension Strings. The tension is adjusted by making the windings of a larger size wire and the core smaller. PROS Great feel and the sound is excellent. CONS kind of pricey and the string is a little harder on the finger tips But I think the volume across all the strings is worth it. Supposed to last a long time as well. About $18.00
  19. Check into something for use in a walk in humidor like a cigar store. Not cheap though.
  20. Caught a great movie last night. The story of Blaze Foley as told by his good friends Townes Van Zandt and Zee. Lots of Gibson cameo appearances and even Kris Kristofferson as Blaze's dad. Eathan Hawke directs this heartbreaker of a life of booze and the trials of a country singer.
  21. My girl Sam. Never saw an acoustic from her but this is really good!
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