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Hi everyone, new to this forum...

I've tried searching for something similar but can't find any topics. I bought my first LP late last year (couldn't resit the new Standard 60's bourbon and longer!). Last week I noticed that the tailpiece wasn't a snug fit within the posts, the post width is perfect, but it's the height of the gap the tailpiece fits into. It allows the tailpiece to sit at an angle. I've attached a photo so you can see what I mean. Is this normal? First time owning a LP so I'm unsure. Everything I've found online (not easy to get to another shop to look at others) shows it to be a snug fit.

Thanks for your help.


IMG_2487 2.jpg

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That's looks normal for their tailpieces these days.  I don't get why they make them like that now.  They're still made by the same guys, Central Plating Co., I think.  They owed Central Plating a bunch of money during their bankruptcy, so maybe they're taking off 1/16" of thickness to pay them back, lol.

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Maybe it's my eyes, but it looks like you're top wrapping. If so, then that would explain the condition as there's more stress on the TP, and it will tilt.  I bought a 60's Standard in Bourbon Burst a couple of weeks ago, and there's no issue with my TP as I don't top wrap. Worse comes to worse, take it back where you bought it and ask them for a replacement TP, or call Gibson and ask for one under warranty.

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