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My SG bass standard 2019 needs a HELp to be solved!


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I have a Gibson SG bass standard 2019, and I've always felt that its bridge pickup sounds much weaker than neck pickup,  even it gets volume all the way up. I noticed just after I got her and I have been anxiety about it since I noticed. Is it common thing for all SG standard basses, or do I need to have her fixed?

And for another question... I once dropped her just one or two weeks after I got her, though I got no scars or dents since it has fallen on the a tower of papers and the edge of layered carpets. As you know, if we went through those accidents, we tend to feel like something had changed. I'm not sure, but I need qualifications from you guys who has been through a lot of unexpected accidents that if there's no blemishes on it, it's alright... Or there is a possibility of having crack inside body or neck. If so, I want to know the mechanism how it gets crack inside without any branches on its surface.

As you can detect from those sentences, I'm a nervous person... Just as you worrying about your beloved gears.

Thanks in advance

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As above, adjust the pickups, including bringing the front pickup down to match the output of the back as needed.

It's hard to break wood on the inside.  Don't worry about the drop.  I've banged into most of the things you can bang into like doorways and stupid poles on stages, dropped them in cases and out of cases, all of that stuff.  If you don't see damage you'll feel it.  If you don't feel it, you don't have any.


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It may just be the way the bass sounds. Why do I say this?

I had an SG Bass from 2011. Worst sounding bass I ever owned. Weak and chorusy sounding. No well defined fundamental. Muffled sounding, matter what I did or what mods I  made to it, including replacing the neck pup with Novac Fattbucker, also replaced entire harness. Never sounded right. Hipshot bridge helped but not enough to keep it.

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