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  1. About two weeks into my first set. I like them a lot. They sound really good, feel comfortable and smooth, and they seem to be holding up well with my sweaty hands. I’ll be rotating between NYXL and the new Brite Wires.
  2. I was going to say an R9 with p-90s and un-mounted pick guard, but I forgot about the hide glue (though, they can technically still use fenol formaldehyde resin to glue on the top like Gibson did with the original Les Pauls in the 50s and 1960). In that case, an SG with a 1959 Les Paul profile neck.
  3. Gibson Custom is just at a totally different level. Once you play one it’s very easy to get spoiled and very picky with guitars.
  4. No. The shape of the PCB takes the whole bottom of the control cavity, thus PCB on an SG will not fit a LP and vice versa. Also pot positions, pickup toggle switch and jacks are in different places as well.
  5. Oh man that sucks. Hope the replacement procedure goes smoothly for you.
  6. I'm having empathy NGD excitement. Please share your thoughts after you get a few hours playing your new SG.
  7. @Black Dog shielding paint is dark matte black. So you’re absolutely right about it 1) not used on Reissues and 2) being very easy to identify. LP’s in the 50’s and 1960 were not shielded. Neither are LP Reissues.
  8. What the title says. The new Brite Wires have a reinforced carbon core. Have anyone tried them yet? How does it compare with previous iterations of Brite Wire? I currently use D'Addario NYXL on most of my guitars, and D'Addario XL on the ones that get less playing time (just because they are a bit cheaper, especially with the 15% Stew Mac discount). I'm going to give the new Brite Wires a try. I have extremely sweaty hands and my sweat destroys strings really fast, so durability is really important for me. I did try coated Elixirs, but it was on an SG I didn't really like and ended up selling. I might give the Elixirs another go, but I'm not too optimistic about them.
  9. I recently sold a 2018 SG standard, which I really didn't like. It felt like one of those guitars that you had to fight it a little bit to get something good from it. That might be suited for some people, but that's not particularly my favorite brand of bourbon. I don't think that is an issue with SG's in general as I've played some amazing ones before, but just an attribute of the one I recently sold. I'm seriously considering an Original Collection SG Standard 61 like the one you posted. I'm deliberately not trying one out for the moment for fear I might end up pulling the trigger a bit sooner than I want 🙂.
  10. I liked my C-20 so much I got a C-22 as well 🙂. The C-22 is the most comfortable starp I've ever used followed closely by the C-20. The extra padding on the C-22 make it a bit more comfortable for me. The C-20 stays in place just a little bit better than the C-22. The Levi's stay in place even better than the C-20 because of the internal suede material on the Levi's. However, on a 8lbs 10oz LP, I had no issues finding a comfortable position with the C-22 playing for over 2 hours. I also noticed that the C-20 is a bit cooler, but that isn't to say that the C-22 get excessively hot. These are great straps at a very reasonable price. I ended up liking these straps even better than my Levi's, which says a lot. The extra padding compared to the Levi's really made the difference. Thank's for bringing them to my attention, Bill.
  11. It’s still going. I never understood the motivation behind these things.
  12. The 2018 tribute has no weight relief, while the 2017 has 9-hole weight relief. 2018 has the 490R/498T, while the 2017 has 490R/490T pickups. 2018 was the year Gibson introduced the cryogenic-ally treated frets, which at the time they alleged increased the life of the frets. Otherwise, they are very similar. I'd say you're good either way. Personally I prefer the bridge pickups on the 2018, which is what they are currently using on the Studio, but I prefer the weight relief on the 2017. One possible explanation for the different pickups is that in 2018 the LP Classic had P-90s, so the 2018 Studio got the 2017 Classic pickups, the Classic 57/57+ and,by transitivity, the 2018 Tribute got the 2017 Studio pickups, the 490R/498T. The Faded already had the same pickups as the Tribute in 2017, thus no change. If it were me, given the option, I'd go with 2017, but I wouldn't pass a 2018 if that makes sense.
  13. According to this Intellectual Property expert there is no statute of limitation for trademark.
  14. Solid Rock - Dire Straits Lyrics: "When you point your finger 'cause your plan fell throughYou got three more fingers pointing back at youI want to live on solid rockI'm gonna live on solid rockI want to give I don't want to be blockedI'm gonna live on solid rock"
  15. This is very interesting. I'm curious to see how this pans out.
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