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  1. In case you didn’t know already http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2017/Memphis/ES-335-1970s-Walnut.aspx
  2. I caved in and got the Les Paul Black Knight.
  3. that’s a bummer that thing was awesome. Oh and I forgot to mention the flamed maple neck.
  4. In the VIP event, what I wanted was the satin black quilted Les Paul with ebony board, black hardware, dark inlays, black plastic, unmounted pickguard and 57 classics.
  5. I wonder if some things that Seth initially intended to make it look better ended up having functionality. There is just so many “happy accidents” in the history of guitars, which makes me wonder if something similar happened to the PAF’s design elements that were originally thought as purely cosmetic.
  6. The 2016 50s tribute, in case you’d like to have humbuckers. Personally I’d go with the 2016. I thought they were great. My 2019 modern collection Tribute needed some fret ends attention. I don’t remember playing a 2016 Tribute with similar fret ends to my 2019 Tribute. Not that it matters to me, but it seems to be a big thing for some people, the 2016 Tribute had mahogany necks, while the current model of Tribute have maple necks.
  7. I actually like and own PRS guitars, including a McCarty and a McCarty 594 double cut (if I want a single cut I prefer to go with a LP). They’re great. However, my R9 is still my favorite. I love Tim Pierce, but this video, albeit entertaining, was quite pointless. At the end of the day the differences do not render one better than the other, because different people have different tastes. Paul is of the opinion that having “all” the frequencies is a good thing. He will emphasize some frequencies and taper down other so it’s not an all flat and boring eq, but they are all there. That’s the “sounds the same but just more” argument. However, to some they might sound almost hi-fi, if that makes sense. Not necessarily sterile, but loosing some of the quirks that makes a LP sound so organic. Personally, I prefer the sound and feel of my R9, but I have to admit, those 594s are phenomenal guitars. Gibson just has a knack to making guitars that are just alive. For instance, I have an L-00 studio and had a Martin OMC-18e, which I parted with to help me pay for my R9. On paper the Martin was a better guitar, but there was something about the L-00 that makes it special. The thing just feels alive and just sounded and played better to me. Yeah, there are some dogs out there, but when you find the one, it’s just hard to compete. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I don’t know about the special, but in 1961 the regular SGs were called Les Paul. Eric Clapton has one if I remember correctly. Also there is this one displayed at the Play it Loud exhibit that was at the MEt and is now in the process of moving to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. I know it’s a bit hard to see, but if you zoom into the truss rod cover of the white “SG”/Les Paul Custom, you’ll see Laster’s signature.
  9. Nice. I’m glad the problem was solved.
  10. Oh I see, sorry I for the misunderstanding. You’re not talking about the low E side of the bridge being farther away from pickup than the high e. If I understand you correctly, you’re talking about the actual location of the saddle slots? If so, I might have old eyes as well, because I’m seen the same thing. That’s or, like you said, some photo optical illusion.
  11. Wait, are you being serious? All two piece tails that I’ve ever seen, the bridge was slanted (yes that includes Eclipse and 594). Anyway, I think it’s not working for OP because the string spacing of the A string is a hair off. The slot was made a bit towards the D string.
  12. Arguably the most common reasons a guitar, of any kind, won’t stay in tune is the nut or strings that are either too old or that haven’t been properly stretched. Sometimes the nut slots are a bit too narrow which causes the string to catch.
  13. I don’t know if you’re joking, but the offset is deliberate. Interestingly, I’ve heard a person who authenticate vintage LPs say that because modern LPs, including historic reissues, have a more of an offset, they are easier to intonate than original bursts. OP, it’s hard to determine it from the pictures you’ve sent, but it seems like the string not going through the middle of the saddle is making the A string a hair closer to the D string. Could also be an optical illusion from the picture. As other suggested it could be the tuner (forgive my ignorance, but is that a phone app tuner?). Personally I’d keep the guitar. Maybe try to negotiate a new bridge, or even just a new saddle, with the seller.
  14. I love reverb, it’s my wallet who hates it. I’d say much better than eBay. However, for certain instruments I prefer to play it before I buy it, but that’s just my personal preference. I have taken the gamble a few times and was successful in all but one instance. There was nothing objectively wrong with the one guitar that didn’t result in a successful purchase, it was just one that I didn’t gel with it well.
  15. That’s an amazing story. Thank you for point it it out. The MET lists the guitar as the one used to debute his electric band at the Newport Folk Festival in July 25, 1965. The folk purists didn’t appreciate the move to electric. It appears to currently belong to Jim Irsay, which I just noticed is the same guy you mentioned owned Tiger.
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