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  1. Studio generally have a plain maple top. I’m a huge fan of LP Studio. There are two things you can do to manage how dark the studios sound. Lower pickup height. The 490R/498T are higher output pickups relative to some more vintage style pickups. Not terribly high output, but brighter than say a BusrtBucker 1&2 combo, which is what the Epiphone ProBucker 2&3 are based of. You can lower the pickups to tame them a bit. The other alternative is to get a different set of pickups. You can get the Epiphone ProBucker 2&3 used for next to nothing. The guitar itself, I think Studios are often underestimated. In my option, you get a better guitar with the Studio relative to the Epiphone, which is saying a lot because some of Epiphones I’ve played punch way above their weight. Maybe it’s the feel on the neck provided by the nitro lacquer that I like better on the Studio or there is something else entirely. You can’t go wrong though. I’ve played Epiphone guitars that you wouldn’t believe it wasn’t USA made.
  2. Just want to add that in my Standard 50s, which like OP has the shallow saddle slots, I think it is deep enough that it doesn’t warrant deepening the slots any further. I can bend two whole steps or more and the strings stay in place. The slots were made such that the radius were kept dead on 12”. What I’m most excited about these models is not the specs themselves, for there wasn’t that much of a change if I’m honest. For instance, what used to be the Traditional just became the Standard 50s. What I’m really happy is how these guitars are being built and set up from factory. I usually find, regardless of manufacturer, the need to make some minor adjustments, like widen and/or deepen the nut slots, round/dull the nut edges, adjust the action, truss rod, pickup height etc. My Standard 50s didn’t warrant one single adjustment. Even my 2017 R0 need less that 5 minutes worth of widening the nut slots on the treble side. Even though my R0 is a objectively a smoother guitar to play than my Standard 50s, I believe the gap between a Gibson Custom and a Gibson USA has been reduced. I also really like the pickup choices on the Standard 50s and 60s specs.
  3. Absolutely. Personally I regard the Telecaster as the Bettercaster. With that said, I can’t see my go to be anything other than a LP.
  4. I noticed that on my Standard 50s, the saddles were slotted, but the slots were very shallow. Not to the point that I needed to deepen them, but shallow enough that I had to loosen the strings and put them to the side to see for myself that the saddles were indeed slotted. Not saying the same thing is going on with your Standard 60s, but just sharing my own experience with the new models.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Both of those guitars look mouth watering amazing, btw.
  6. The L-00 is one of the most addictive acoustic guitars I’ve ever played. I own a Martin OMC-18 and a Gibson L-00. I love them both, but the shorter scale on the L-00 makes it just a bit easier to play.
  7. You sure that’s an OM and not a 000 (same body size, but different scale). I thought OM had teardrop pickguards. By the way, those would be my exact choices. Either a 000-18 or a 000-28 and an L-0 or an L-00.
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