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Hello guys  i have Reading ti believe that a bad lutist,in past, stole something in my Gibson Les Paul traditional pro 2011 when i left him the guitar for  neck adjustment.I Say that because the sound Is changed.Can you help me to know if pickups and wiring Is like the original setup?1585582603682..thumb.jpg.64a4ea470fa16c1ca0ddca392fa27983.jpg01-59-34-downloadfile.thumb.jpg.f87ba8422cde122a886a737f33cb2c8d.jpg01-59-10-downloadfile.thumb.jpg.8dd9040d1cefbf8ffc200c413373f9c7.jpg01-58-56-downloadfile.thumb.jpg.b09034609dfb1a0f2a03ad24320be6bd.jpg


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This model should have 2x push-pull pots to split the pickup coils. 

Could it be that one or both of them has been put into single-coil mode or is only working in single-coil mode?

I am not an expert so don't know about the wiring, and unfortunately your pictures don't have the high level of detail for someone who knows to be able to tell, however -

It looks a bit messy.  The capacitors are the little blue ones - I'm sure they are right for the circuit but didn't know Gibson used these.

In your pic, what is the 2nd yellow wire from the left soldered onto?

Sorry I can't be more helpful - best wishes.


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