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New member to the forum here. Looking forward to sharing gear and learning more about old Gibson's in particular. I was a Fender electric guy for a long time but now have come over to the dark side and Gibsons far out number Fender's in my house (though I still love good tele). My first Gibson was my J-45 and have added to it since then. The current roster is:


- 2010 Gibson J-45 Standard

- 2014 Gibson ES-335 Figured

-1967 Gibson ES-330

-1935 Gibson L-50


Had and sold:

- 1966 ES-125

-1959 ES-175 body with all replacement parts.


Will post some pics in all the forums, but here's the 1935


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Welcome to the forum.

Beautiful  guitar [love]  just classic, could not be any simpler!

Suggest you re-post this pic and the J-45 in the acoustic section as they should love it too.

My experience was a bit like yours - I went Fender for many years, until 2012 when I finally got a superb LP Custom with P90s.

Now have 3 Gibsons and play them more than my 2 Fenders, although the guitar always by my bed is my old Tele.....

Best wishes!

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