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USA Today Votes Joe Banamassa's "Great Flood" the No.1 Pick of the Week


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Oh my,

if you haven't heard this yet please take a listen to the "The Great Flood" off of Joe Bonamassa's latest, "The Ballad of John Henry".

This is incredible. Bonamassa's guitar playing is so soulful. I'm talking tone that you just don't hear too often. His first solo is so bluesy. It really is soulful. Bonamassa trades licks with a sax player later in the song and it too is so dreamy.

Enjoy. I did.

The Great Flood

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That song is intoxicating...

Joe is one of the greatest guitarists in recent history.

A bit of trivia' date=' for the heavier tones on his new album (probably not this song) he used a Marshall Silver Jubilee, same one you hear on Appetite for Destruction...[/quote']


I got that email earlier today and must have listened to it over and over for an hour.

I can't wait to get the new cd.


Yeah I saw him up close and personal. Front row standing right in front of him. I paid close attention to his rig.

And if you check the dream amp post that's what I put up.

My close virtuoso guitar god friend, uses one. A friend of his bought it for him back in the day. Friends are nice. I actually had to talk him into using it instead of his Line 6 at the last Hendrix gig. Good thing too, the Line 6 was crapping out. And the Silver Jubilee... tone to the bone.

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I love the tone Bonamassa gets out of his guitar. I appreciate the fact that he uses multiple amps to achieve his tone. He stated in that interview and the interview in the April edition of Guitar player that the Jubilee is always on - but it's never used alone.


"There are two heads on at any one time, and the Silver Jubilee is always on. The Carol Ann and Marshall is one tone. The Marshall and the Category 5 is another tone, etc. The oversizied 4x12 cabs I use are split vertically so it's two 12s for each head. Each pair of 12s is baffled and sealed spearately. It's like having 4 2x12 cabs without having to lug all those 2x12s."


Joe Bonamassa - Guitar player interview

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