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Question About My GA-5 Seemingly Cutting Out


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OK you all know I love my little GA-5, but recently I'm noticing a drop in decibel level while playing.

I'll strum it, get full sound, and then there's a noticeable drop. I'll strum or pick the guitar and there's a noticeable drop followed by a rise in volume again.

It's weird. Seems like part of the volume just disappears almost cuts out and then comes back and then goes away.

Anybody care to take a stab at it?

Rich? Anyone?

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Thanks Brother,

I'm going to fire the amp up tomorrow and give it a good test drive.

I also have noticed a slight pop or click at times when I'm turning up the volume.

Replacing the tubes is probably a good idea. When I bought it, it was a floor model.

And most importantly... it's under warrantee!!

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