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Greetings. I have 4 Gibsons. Today I've been asked "what pickups do you have on your 1973 SG 175102 Made in USA?  They are 2 black, with a black frame  that has a screw in each corner.Can someone tell me the name? (The camera made it look brown, It's red.) I thought I had load a pic, but now it's gone. I tried again and it said "only#######mb allowed"

The only way to date it down to the exact year, is to read the stamp on the potentiometers (volume and tone "pots"):
 137 73 36
The following is according to "Guitardaterproject.org"
date guitar by the potentiometer codes

"This potentiometer was made by
CTS Corporation (Chicago Telephone Supply)
in the 36th week of 1973
This means that (given this is an original part) this is the earliest possible date your guitar (speaker) was made."


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