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Parts upgrade compatibility on new Wilshire, scarf joints


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Hi all,

Looking to acquire the new Epiphone Wilshire.

I basically am interested in modding it to use Gibson parts wherever possible and short of major surgery. I am hoping for "plug and play" and am mainly concerned about sizing of the various parts and what is available from third-party vendors.

Just wanted to preface by saying I've never had a post-1970 Epiphone before and I've been trying to do research on these Asian Epiphones but different recent eras have different details about them and it gets difficult to keep everything straight. So I appreciate your time and knowledge.

I want to have an ABR like an original Wilshire would have had and yes I know that the ABR post would go straight into the wood. I thought I saw a conversion post that will screw into the metric bushing and provide the skinny ABR post? I can't seem to find the vendor that provided this, anyone know?

Also want to confirm the holes are distanced the same as a Gibson ABR bridge?

Furthermore, I would suspect the tailpiece is going to have a similar issue where Gibson studs will not retrofit but that someone makes a conversion stud OR a bushing to fit, where I can then fit the Gibson stop and studs. I can't seem to find anyone that has such for sale? Also want to confirm the distance between the studs/bushings would be different than that of the Gibson?


Again, I'd rather not drill/dowel the guitar to get Gibson parts to fit. Hoping there's a third-party making stuff to retrofit these Gibson components.

Finally, I have been looking online at the pics of the new Wilshire and was wondering if there was any scarf joints on these? I heard a rumor that the Chinese factory would do away with them if they can get the tooling to do the neck all "in one pass" but not sure if its true. The pictures I have seen make it a little difficult to see (and I know that some models indeed had a different type of scarf than the more obvious ones of the past) but I can't really see it?!? Maybe it's just wishful thinking? What say you?




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Without one in hand, I and nobody can really answer the hardware question. We would just be guessing from pictures the same as you.

With regards to the scarf joint, whilst you and I know a one peice is  'better' a scarf joint is stronger. I would be surprised to see epiphone change from scarf joints simply due to the waste being so far less compared to a one peice neck. 

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Another thing I noticed: no visible fret ends. They are apparently undercutting the fret tang upon install. Although not like the originals, I kinda like it!


Check out the upper left corner on this vintage original (Crestwood, but you get the idea):


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Almost all current Epiphones have binding on the neck, my cherry G400 also has a neck blinding that looks like wood but isn't. I will check my Wilshire tomorrow when it gets here.

Not a good shot for the neck binding, but it does look just like yours..


Another image from the web, this really does look like a binding, which would be quite normal for Epiphone, specially when you zoom in.


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Huh. I guess you're right. Had to put on the ol' specs so I could see up close...

Wonder why they are doing that? I mean, they're "binding" it with wood, but... the originals never had ANY neck binding. Plus, it's more work than just simply installing frets, which I suppose means more expense?

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