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Top 3?

SG dude

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Hey guys! what are your top three guitars (in order) spill the goss! with or without upgrades/alterations.


1) Gibson 1968 stoptail SG standard Cherry

2) Gibson SG junior Cherry

3) Gibson Flying V (ebony) with 57's.


(i like to stick to my comfort zone) also i think that Gibson should bring back the SG junior IMO.

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Hard to say. For my gigging bar band my ES-339 is my # 1 right now. My SG is the backup, but gets some time as well.


But I can't put the J45RW in a # 3 position, because it's my only acoustic.


I'm also in the market for a new SG, just waiting for H-Bomb to fix the bevels, and deciding which one.


I can admit, I haven't played the Tele in a LONG time.


Best to ya.



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Easy one:


1) late '64/early '65 SG Standard (or if Gibson would do a PROPER reissue of the model, vibrola and nylon-saddle ABR and all!)

2) '67 style Flying V w/short Maestro

3) tie between a 50's style blonde Tele with a PAF in the neck or a twin-'bucker 70's style Tele Deluxe



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1) Gibson Les Paul Custom in Alpine White (though I'd throw in a Seymour Duncan Jazz model 'bucker in the neck and an SH-4 in the bridge)

2) Gibson SG carved top in the Ocean Blue color (when it's available!)... or the SG Standard Historic Reissue

3) Gibson Custom ES-335 Plain 60's Block Inlay

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That's too easy:


In fantasy world,


SG, Flying V, Explorer


In the real world I only have 3 so it is


Prophecy SG (Dirty Fingers), Prophecy Futura (EMG), blue Ibanez strat(ish) shaped thing with twin humbuckers (it actually has a great fast neck and sounds ok with some hotter aftermarket pick ups).

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