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Please dont call me thick!!


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I think it's an Internet Explore thing. I have IE 6.xx on my old Dell and if the pics show up small all I have to do is refresh the page and they show up full size. Right now I'm typing on a little Acer laptop with IE 7.xx and the only way I can guarantee to see them is to right click on them, go to properties, and actually go to the URL of the pic itself. But at random I can go back into a thread or post and voila, there's the pics full sized.


They say Firefox doesn't do that. I haven't loaded the new IE 8 yet, no idea if that is as big a POS as 7.xx.


I think we reached a plateau of reliability and user friendliness with Windows 98 and IE 5.5.

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I'm also thick, so I press the "back" or "<-" button on the top of my browser, and then the "forward" or "->" button to go back to the post. It seems to allow the browser to open the pics full size.


Maybe someone more computer literate has an easier solution for the both uf us!


Red 333

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