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Have my eyes set on a G-45 Studio. I'm searching for an acoustic and my budget is around 900 EUR. 

I had a Taylor before and sold it immediately. The amplified sound was just horrible from the ES-2. Looking at Takamine also, as I had a EF341SC I loved but sold it years ago when I needed money badly.

I think the G-45 is discontinued correct? Here where I live some stores still have it in stock but didn't had the chance to try one yet.

I love the fact that its all solid wood but I read that the Fishman pickup is not that good (exactly the problem I had with the Taylor and trying to avoid it).

Can you give some pointers on this model? Recommended for use on stage? ūüôā

Many thanks in advance.

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One thing you might check on is while I do not know about the EU in general it is my understanding that  G45 Studios exported to the UK had richlite fingerboards and bridges like the Standard.   Not a good or a bad thing unless you do not like the feel of richlite (I do not).  

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I had a Studio G45 and played the regular G45 also. I preferred the sound of the Studio. The regular had a little more treble than I liked, maybe from the Richlite board and bridge, maybe not. I never plug into an amp so can't comment on the electronics. The finish sanding was rough on both, especially around the heel area, but for the money that was acceptable to me. It didn't affect playing. I sold the Studio when I was preparing for a cross country move, planning on buying another when we got settled in. Then Gibson stopped making them, and I haven't found another yet. I would buy another if I found one for a good deal.

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