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Been on the lam, what did I miss?

James Allen

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Hey guys,


I've been away from the forums for over a week. If any of you are asked, I was with Thundergod watching Ecuadorian bikini models mud wrestle. Got it?


The question is, what did I miss? Anything good? The last time I was away, I missed the whole buddy light meltdown.

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Sounds like I missed out.


You did! It was all great until Tgod got hammered on Shirley Temples and got naked and punched a llama farmer. There was mass hysteria when the llama guy sicked his llamas on us. Those things spit, you know? Then the federalies showed up and we all got arrested.

At least we were in the same cell as the mud wrestlers!

Tgod is a riot! But just don't let him drink Shirley Temples. Keep him on Jack Daniels!

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