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soundboard crack repair advice..?

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Got this guitar recently and the top cracks were quite evident - it was presented that they were humidity cracks and had been previously repaired by a local shop.   I'm now trying to figure out what really happened, (or didn't happen).

one of these cracks is clearly open  - a sliver of light shines through with a bright light shinning  from inside.   The other crack allows NO light.

I took some pics with a borescope inside the guitar and the one crack is evident on the inside as well.  But the other crack shows  NO evidence at all of a crack.

Also neither "crack" seems to show any evidence of a repair being done - no glue residue anywhere.

Does that make sense?

the open crack I can just barely get a piece of paper to slide in.  The humidity is good so I don't know if I can get it any tighter.  I tried clamping the sides and it does not seem to close the crack any further so I'm tempted to leave as is.  Its a poly finish guitar (Larrivee - sorry)

My plan is to use CA (Glu boost) to fill the one through crack as well as both of the finish cracks on top.

Am I missing something?

top view (cracks are 8 grains below and 11 above the center seam)


this is the inside view of the top crack (center seam is the white line in the upper right corner).  I dont see any witness of crack or repair...



this is the lower crack  - clearly a crack but does not look like any repair has been attempted...


any thoughts or input appreciated.

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It would probably have been better to start off your post that the guitar at hand is not a Gibson.

Anyway, despite the look of things, this is not an easy repair job. Out of curiosity, is the bridge screwed down by any chance (metal screws)? The more open crack that can't be closed anymore even with force (which never holds wood in place for long) probably needs a spline and some cleating.

I'll leave you with a video where a similar, though for a more egregious case, repair is being done:

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Sorry its not a Gibson!    I have Gibson(s) too.

Its a 1999 Larrivee L5

the bridge is glued on - no screws.

The open crack just barely lets a sheet of paper in at its widest spot so seems kind of dramatic to open it further without trying to cleat and seal first.  I'll try some more moisture as well.  I guess if the attempt fails this more aggressive option is available.

No material that can bridge that .003-.004 gap?

Thank you for sharing - and caring.


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