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1 hour ago, Whitefang said:

[wink] https://news.yahoo.com/mc5-announces-first-album-since-160321942.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall

I probably won't be going though, due to health and physical issues.  But having grown up across the street from drummer Dennis it would be nice to see him again.  But well.....



I loved that Wayne Kramer solo album he did. Can't remember the name of it. The lead off track is Crack In The Universe.

I need to rock some MC5. I have the one with the clock on the cover, High Time, I think its called. Is that the one with Sister Anne?

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I got over "Kick Out The Jams" long ago.  But still like this one from the LP and liked it best back then too.  And seen them do it live as well several times.  Spent a lot of time hangin' at the Grande.  [wink]


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