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Dont forget, a guitar sitting idle for 50 years has not been "seasoned"

It hasnt been exposed to string vibration, or the funk and gunk that goes along with handling.


Id prefer from a players standpoint a guitar thats been played. Would I take a 50 year old virgin Les Paul?

Oh ya! lol

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A mint condition '50s LP will be worth much less, than one that has been played for 50+ years. As a matter of fact, a couple of years ago, I seen a guitar auction, that featured 2 '58 LPs, one was very aged, and the other one was practically, brand new (bought as an investment), they were almost completely identical (same look to the top), but here's what each one sold for:


'58 Standard (Vintage) $380,000

'58 Standard (Mint) $125,000


A vintage looking LP is worth more, because there is a lot of "character/history" that comes with an aged instrument...just ask Tom Murphy.

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I completely disagree.

Good for me if I can buy the cleaner of the two cheaper.


I'm not paying money for somebody to screw up a guitar - not even Tom Murphy or Gibson.

The "ask Tom Murphy" part of my comment was meant to be a joke, but it is a fact that, a "well played" LP will generally appreciate better, than one that, was bought just to sit in a climate controlled vault until the year 2020. I mean, what is the point of buying a guitar, if your not going to play/enjoy it. And I do agree with you on the "not paying for somebody to screw up a guitar" comment, because we can do that ourselves...for free!
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Yeah, I'll install my own wear.


I don't understand this whole preoccupation with nasty paint and tarnished hardware.

I have stuff made in the fifties, sixties and seventies - NONE of it looks 'Murphy aged' in the least.


Is there no appreciation for a guitar that doesn't look like it lived in a park collecting pigeon droppings?

Some of them actually got cleaned up and put away between gigs...


My Kustom K-200 is 40 years old and traveled ALOT.

It still had a dozen Frontier Airline tags on the handle when I bought it, and it played many, many gigs. It's still 8/10.

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