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I agree the guitar sounds cool - and I am usually not a big fan of P-90s.  The review while pretty extensive leaves a few questions for me.  First he says he loves the finish on the neck, but he doesn't say what it is.  He says it's not glossy, but he doesn't say if it's satin or something in between?  He says he thinks the body is alder.  Seems odd not to know for sure when reviewing the guitar. (A quick check at the Fender site confirms it is Alder)

The clean country type tones at the beginning are sweet, but then he starts doing other distorted sounds and at one point he says "I'm using two different distortions".  Well I have an Eleven Rack with thousands of different amp simulators and pedals that are reproduced digitally.  I can take any guitar and make is sound like it has all kinds of different tones.  But it isn't the guitar that is making those sounds, it's the signal processing. 

I would have liked to hear simpler examples like what does it sound like with the tone knob rolled off, in the middle, and wide open at different volumes? 

So while the guy doing the review is a great player I'm not such a big fan of how he did the review.

Cool guitar for $1000 though.


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I usually tend to think most YouTube guitar reviews are mostly created by guys who, instead of honestly reviewing a guitar, just wants to show the TY addicted how GREAT a guitar player(at least) HE thinks he is.   And over my PC speakers (which cost me $30 a pair) there's not too much difference in distorted tones to be able to tell one from another. 


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