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El Cheapo Harbor Freight CR2032's ?


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I never have to change the 9 volts in my Gibsons anymore, because I've been using an SM57 for guitars/banjo/mandolin and resonator. I prefer the sound of the mic'ed guitar going through the Bose units and any pa gear. If I did install a battery, it would be a Duracell or Eveready.

However, here in the States, we have a store called Harbor Freight. It's basically an outlet for China tools. Wrenches, razor knives, pumps, drills, tool boxes, compressors, and such.

They sell CR2032's for under a dollar each. 2032's are used in tuners and a multitude of things here, and are probably the most common disc type battery.

They seem to be holding up well. What do you guys pay for 2032's ?






Edit, the saved picture didn't show the price, which is $ 3.49 for the 4 pack.

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Considering how few of these I use, I wouldn't mess with those cheap ones just to save a few bucks a year. I don't have any pickups that need batteries, but have a few other gadgets like a tuner and some remotes that use these. The brand-name batteries last me at least a year in those devices. How often to you need to change batteries in a pickup?

I know Harbor Freight has its fans, but when I was running a carpentry shop back in the 1990's I bought a few things there, I recall getting a belt sander and a big vice. The vice snapped in half the first time I used it - looked like it was solid metal, but in fact it was a cheap casting that was hollow in the middle. The belt sander lasted a week or so. Never bought anything else from them, maybe they have improved but I'm just not interested. 😉

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