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ES-339 build date confusion about the serial number year coding..


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I'm a bout to buy a Gibson ES-339 dot Cherry that the seller dates as 2015 (but is not sure).
Well I'm getting confused about the date of manufacture..
Its 339 serial is CS150049.
Some says CS stands for Custom shop. Ok.
Then the first number shoud be the year of build.
Some say the "1" stands for 2011. ("0" would be 2010)
And the rest of the number would be 50049 which is the built n'th guitar.
But in some ES-339 ads I saw guitars selling as 2015 with a serial number
just like the above one.

So... my question is is the guitar the guy want to sell
a 2011 and is the 50049th built
a 2015 and is the 0049th built ?

Thanks for your help.




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Gibson just changed how they do their serial numbers two days ago, and will change it again in a few days. 

Best bet, call or e-mail the company that made it. That is the best I got.

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