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new 12 fret Gibson...


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Nice looking. Some things I like, some I don't. Just a matter of preference.

I like his music.

I've played his other models and they did not do it for me.

Aged Top ✔️

AJ bracing/body ✔️

12 fret ✔️

Price ( I can work it down)  ✔️

Thinner body 

Wide nut 

Neck shape - Keb Mo shape   


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Yeah, I am guessing that most of us get those postings from Gibson announcing new models.  This one looks to be a slim body AJ mated with a modern Gibson Roy Smeck neck which to me means wide nut and shallow depth.  The most interesting aspect of the guitar is the 25" scale which is a nice nod to the days when Gibson would give you a guitar with a scale of anywhere from 24" to just below or above 25".  

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On 2/8/2023 at 1:37 PM, tpbiii said:

Historically it is a bit like a converted RSSD.

Certainly is. Other than the longer scale length, longer body length, narrower waist, bound neck, original and fretted 1.802" nut width, non-pickguard, and not being a "rich man's guitar" (your term). But it is a 12 fret mahogany guitar that says Gibson on the headstock

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