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Morphic Effects - Interchangeable, Modular Guitar Pedal


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How It Works

The Modal Effects modular distortion gets its name from the pedal’s layout. You have a base unit (a skeleton, so to speak), with six different ‘mods’ you can place in any order that you like. Jeremy and Dallas were inspired by pedals like the Angry Driver, because they loved experimenting with putting the two effects in different orders in the chain.

The pedal itself essentially functions as a miniature pedal chain. Depending on what order you stack the mods onto the base, it changes the sound/tone. Just like on a normal pedal board, the signal follows the signal chain from right to left. The mods attach to the base magnetically, which makes it easy to plug in the mods but difficult to accidentally knock them out of place with your foot during an especially exciting solo/dance number. (I don’t know what you do during your live sets, and honestly, that’s your business.) 

The Modal Effects modular distortion is essentially one base with six interchangeable mods (which adds up to more than 100 combinations). The mods are as follows:

  • Fuzz: a classic fuzz that offers a great balance of crunch and a rich, full sustain 

  • Distortion: an iconic ’70s metal distortion with a harmonically rich, compressed sound Overdrive: a clean sounding overdrive with boosted mids, very reminiscent of the Tube Screamer 

  • Boost: a clean boost with a warm sustain that’s great for pushing your guitar signal

  • Low-pass Tone: a versatile, low-pass filter that works well with all of our Mod combinations

  • Mid-scoop Tone: a combination of low-pass and high-pass filters that create a mid boost effect

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Honestly I think this is a hideous concept/design. It solves zero problems while offering nothing new in a format which is compromised and overpriced by nature. 

I gleaned all this from not watching a second of the video so take that with a grain of salt I guess 

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