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Les Paul serial numbers Exposed

Daniel Garrett

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Can anyone tell me what the serial numbers mean and what type of Les Paul it is by the numbers I’m having a problem with all of it on the back of the head stock it says 779057 made in USA any and all information is appreciated I’d like to know where you get your information by the serial nos. Thank you in advance….It seems my pictures are too big to put on here

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Hi Daniel

Suggest you google or search for  'Gibson Serial Numbers' - here's the 1st result - this may or may not solve it.


And as you may have seen there is this page on the Forum - try posting a query here?


Pics - you need to sign up to a (free) image-hosting/sharing site. Upload your photos to that and copy/paste the direct link which is then provided, inot your post(s).

Someone here should then be able to identify the model for you.

Good luck!

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Serial numbers were really screwed up during this time period. The very earliest LPRs had a standard TOM bridge, then they switched to the harmonica bridge which you have. Yours is likely late 1972 to 1974. In 1975 they switched to an oval decal with serial # model & “Made in USA” printed on it. Also maple necks.

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