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1924 ebony bridge pins needed - xtra short

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I need a set of sixteen bridge pins for the 1910's-1920's Style U harp guitars. Said pins fit in a thick, celluloid head atop each tailpiece. Originals are ebony, with a simple, circular MOP inlay in the head.

There is one tailpiece for the ten sub bass strings, and another for the six main neck strings. Sixteen, in all. These bridge pins are quite short and stubby,  some of the originals were extra short. Modern pins would never fit. The angles are wrong.

From the photo you might see that both tailpieces are suspended above the soundboard, and are quite close to it. Thus, the pins are short by necessity. (If the pic is too blurry, search for a photo.)

DO NOT ask me for bridge pin specs. My bridge pins are missing. The guitar is out of state, on my luthier's bench,  so I cannot cast a mold to grok the pin hole geometry.

In lieu of a vintage set, I would accept

1) Reproduction bridge pins and contact info for anyone who makes them.


2) A single bridge pin that I can measure for duplication on a lathe. If necessary, I can return it to the sender after learning proper dimensions.

Please send info on anyone who reproduces these old parts.


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Maybe you can call Gary and see if you can buy one of the pins from this listing.

1917 Gibson Style U Harp Guitar | eBay

Gary's Classic Guitars is local to me (Loveland, OH), and I've called him on a couple occasions for advice. A very nice guy.

Another source for me would be Bob Willcutt at Willcut Guitars in Lexington, KY. I've visited him to get an appraisal for a guitar and he couldn't be nicer. He has a private guitar collection he showed me that included a U Harp guitar. 

Either guy may be able to guide you to finding a bridge pin. 

I would imagine you could email them.



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