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I'm thinking about getting a new amp pretty soon? I currently have

a Peavey Classic 50 2-12. It's an awesome amp, but I need more

aggressive tone and more Watts!!! So, what do you all think?


Carvin has a 100 Watt all tube half stack for $1,000 right now!

The 100 Watt combo of the same amp is around $700.


Thanks so much!!!

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I've been experienced lol. My buddy in my band got a 100w all tube half stack for 250 bucks off the c-list. Sorry I don't know the model but it's about 10 years old and it's the good carpet vesion not tolex. Anyways it sounds pretty good. Not amazing but good. There isn't a whole lot of gain on tap (just not enough for metal which is fine with me). My friend isn't exactly a tone freak so he doesn't do much fiddling but there are some great tones to be had. It's plenty loud and Tibet and the reverb is great. It's a good amp especially for $250 and I'm sure they improved the new ones. Check em out they're worth a look and they're built here in my homeland of california so the quality is good.


However... Carvin has been known to directly lie about things like wattage ect so if it sounds fine to you...it doesn't really matter. Play one.

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I played in a band with a guy that used a Bel Air 2;12 combo. Bulletproof amp, great tones. We used a ton of Carvin P.A. gear with zero problems.


I did some bass work some years back and bought the R1000 with a 4;10 cab and it too was very good quality. Very baddasss amp.


I'm a BIG fan of Carvin gear.


Best to ya.

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