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Is Gibson still producing archtops such as the Byrdland, Super-400, and or the L-5? The customer service submit form at the Gibson site is currently not functional.


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I don't believe they are making any carved archtops, or any plywood archtops for that matter. When I was at the Gibson Garage in October, the gentleman I spoke with said he didn't know of any plans to begin again. That sounded worse than I meant it. He stated there was not a plan in place to begin production again, with (my injected) caveat that things can change with a phone call.

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I think it's been going downhill for a few years due to lack of demand. In 2014, I wanted a Mandolin F5 and had to order it. In 2014, I bought an L5P. It was one of 10 they built that year.

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Even Heritage has dropped all the carved tops. At least they haven’t listed any for a couple years. 

Edit: they do list the Eagle Classic but that must be a very recent change in the lineup. 

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Received this from Gibson support today (via e-mail):

Thanks for being in touch with us. We are making a very limited number of archtop guitars. I'd recommend contacting any of our Custom Shop dealers to check on availability.

I know they are quite backlogged due to limited production, but it might be possible to put in an order. I  hope you're able to get one of these singular instruments!

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