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les paul custom 1980 (black)


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Need help finding everything i need to know about the value of a gibson les paul 1980 plz This guitar is precious to me and i love it but sadly i would have to let her go .. i would like to know what can be the price. Its in a fair condition but probably need setup. Thank u all

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It’s a 44 year old guitar that someone clearly enjoyed playing a lot. It looks great. Worth significantly more than $750


looks like that triangular shape is where there used to be a sticker or something. They can’t all be better than mint

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Joe Bonamassa is gonna pass on this one. He’s got real 59’s in his collection. 

Yeah it’s worth more than 750 USD‘s, but it’s gonna need some elbow grease to make it shine again. 

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2 hours ago, ronush83 said:

i know! thank u! it’s gonna get treated well 

and the comment of the 750 dollars is about mean.


I don’t think they meant to be mean, just realistic.  It is in really rough shape, and that affects the price.  You need to look out on the internet at places like Reverb  to compare what other ones sold for, and compare the conditions.  Few people will pay top dollar for something they have to sink tons of money to get back into shape.  You would do better spending the money yourself, get it set right, and then price it to reflect the work you put in so the new owner won’t have to.  It’s still never going to be mint again but it might sell easier.  

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