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Please recommend pickups for my new build !

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I need some help!!

I play classic rocks, blues, Johnny Winter slide etc. I’m building an offset guitar with a humbucker bridge and a p90 or firebird pickup in the neck (with a p90 ring I can put the firebird in there). Of course I want them to play well together. I prefer to get dirt from a cranked amp, and really like the Monty or Throbak PAF for the bridge but am not married to them. 

Can you recommend the very best of the P90, Firebird, and humbucker that will play well together? Maybe the mojo or Lollar firebird for neck, Fralin or Wolfetone p90 for neck, and a Monty’s traditional paf bridge ? Just spitballing. 

For example, I know some P90’s in the neck and get real woofy and too thick. I also know that a mini might be too weak for a hungrier that’s too strong. So I’m just trying to find the balance. 

Thank you so much.

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I put a Set of Fralin P-90’s in my Casino & they are as good as the Gibson P-90’s in my USA Casino.. 

That said, if you’re going a Johnny Winter sound that would be Mini Humbuckers.. 

Sweetwater carries several makes including Gibson.. My Gibson Firebird V has Gibson Mini Humbuckers & they sound great.. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.. I’d go with the Gibson’s…


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